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This Tuesday night, with the presence of dozens of officials from the Chaco Front (mayors, ministers, secretaries, national and provincial deputies, senators) the governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanichgave a press conference to discuss the case of Cecilia Strzyzowski. Or, rather, to try to avoid any type of splash on his person in relation to the power and impunity achieved in recent years by Emerenciano Seine y Marcela Acunatoday detained as top suspects, along with his son Césarof the femicide of the latter’s wife.

captain spent more than forty minutes breaking down a series of arguments with which tries to demonstrate that his relationship with the Sena never implied a cover for business and enrichment of the family of social leaders. Something that, beyond its intentions, is part of the social denunciation in the massive marches that are being carried out in Endurance and other cities in the province from the call of the family of Cecilia.

The governor said that “all Chacos and Chacos” are “with a single banner: justice for Cecilia.” And he pointed out that in the case “there is a due process” where “the respect to the victim. We will always be on the side of the victim, that is the function that corresponds to the State, ”he sentenced. And he added that he wants “the Justice to investigate freely, to do what it has to do and for those responsible to pay with the full weight of the law. This is a fact that is truly moving”.

Trying to get rid of the accusations that Gloria Romero has been doing about his government, captain He said: “Cecilia’s mother has all my support so that the fact is effectively clarified, I want to tell her that I am willing to receive her at the moment she wants, but I did not want to establish this within the framework of a politicization, I want to tell her that I appalls his pain.”

Also He denied that he had a telephone conversation with Emerenciano Sena after the disappearance of Strzyzowski. “Fake of absolute falsehood, please stop lying, I have family and my heart is affected. You can’t make things up, you can’t keep making up false news, you can’t attack like you did,” she said with an angry gesture.

For him, “trying to link the governor of the province with an event of these characteristics is truly a sinister attack that I have never been able to observe in Argentine history”. It seems to forget many cases of the past where the glassy relationship between leaders and crimes was more than evident. Two of those rulers were Carlos Menem y eduardo duhaldeof which captain He knew how to be an ardent militant.

At another point in his press conference, the former chief of staff of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner denied that his management has transferred $140 million to the Saul Acuna Foundation (collection center of the Sena named after Marcela’s father, a late human rights defense lawyer). “None of these transfers occurred, with the exception of a specific case that is the transfer with the Health Agreement for the payment of fees to professionals, of $825,000. But the $140 million thing is all made upbecause all these transfers that were published do not really respond to these types of questions, ”he assured.

“The truth is that what we do is clear and transparentthere is no transfer that is not regulated and perfectly circumscribed”, he said angrily.

As if there wasn’t a long story related to the cooptations of social leaders by the Peronist governments, captain He said that “all the time they have tried to raise feudalism, corruption and illegal association by social movements: false, absolute denial of these types of issues. And with that, he thinks, matter over.

Of course, at the same time he took the opportunity to bill the ex-radical governor and current candidate for mayor of Resistencia, Roy Nikisch. It was regarding the delivery of the property of 28 hectares of Campo Rossilocated on the outskirts of Endurance and where it is suspected that the Sena reportedly discarded Strzyzowski’s body. “The field granted it through an opinion Roy Nikisch. Is this a crime? No, but the link is with Roy Nikisch and with other governments that live in this city and live in this province,” he said.

On that point, captain sympathized with Aida Ayalahistorical radical leader and of Together for Change former mayor of Enduranceformer employee of Mauricio Macri and recently ex-candidate for mayor who lost in PASO with Nikish. She was also linked to Sena y coin. “I also have solidarity with Aida Ayalainsulted all the time,” he said. captain regarding the mention of Ayala in the other judicial case, in the federal jurisdiction, opened after the disappearance of Cecilia. Is about a file investigating “money laundering and tax evasion” by the family of social leaders.

“They tried to say that there was impunity and that nothing had been done until the media from Buenos Aires arrived,” he added. captain on the case of the missing woman. “I want to tell the people of Chaco and the Argentine people that seven detainees were immediately approached in due process, probably with pretrial detention and will go to trial by jury. What greater social control than that? None. False the issue of impunity”, he exculpated himself.

On the ongoing electoral process in the province, the leader of the Chaco Front He said that there are “systematic attacks all the time pretending to lie about an issue, all the time it was raised that he had to suspend the elections and what I raised is the maintenance of June 18, when in our province there was never an interruption and that is because here the entities work”. It is worth remembering that in those STEPs Emerenciano Seine y Marcela Acuna on one of the lists of that boss political space, one as a pre-candidate for deputy and the other for mayor of Resistencia.

By the way, he accused without giving names those who did not respect “the electoral ban” and “made a systematic attack all the time” towards his person, “it has come to speak from the federal intervention to anything else.” Who had demanded from the national government the intervention of the province was Cecilia’s own mother through a video that went viral a few days before PASO on Sunday the 18th.

Finally captain reiterated his request for justice Cecilia. “I want to speak to you from the pain, I suffer a lot from this, with the pain that the case of CeciliaI want Justice to investigate freely and for those responsible to pay with the full weight of the law, it is an aberrational fact, it is moving and that is why I want to transmit it ”, he sentenced.

Beyond the late and spasmodic press conference of the Governor and his cohort of officials, it is evident that it would be very difficult to gauge the sense of impunity that they must have felt Sena, coinhis son and four members of his entourage (today detained as top suspects) at the time of murdering and disappearing Cecilia Strzyzowski without understanding the long-standing relationship of those social leaders with their own hosts of captain.

Opportunistically, from the right-wing opposition they got on the case to file in the middle of the electoral campaign to captain. Thus they came, without many grounds, to narrowly award him direct complicity in the crime. But beyond that political use, Capitanich cannot ignore of having willingly collaborated with that eternal impunity that Sena they thought they got it.

And what they can not ignore captain nor his acolytes is that Chaco continues to be the province with the highest rate of femicide per inhabitant in the country. Something that is inexorably tied to the levels of impunity enjoyed by femicides. According to him Mumalá organization report, so far in 2023, eight femicides have been perpetrated. They are less than in the Province of Buenos Aires (95) or in Córdoba (22), but there are many if compared with the population. Chaco has 3.8 femicides per 100,000 inhabitants when the national average is 0.9. Of that, Capitanich did not say a word in his press conference.


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