Consulted about the debate that different political figures from the ruling party and the opposition have been having around the figure of Bukele, Myriam Bregman stated “I have been a plaintiff for many years in causes against humanity and I have traveled clandestine centers with survivors, some very terrible, they tell you the conditions of people’s detention… Timerman, for example, a case that made an impact on me, among all the cases that have made an impact on me, compañeras like Nilda Eloy from La Plata, and when I see what happened in Salvador I tell you the truth The first memory I have is that, the overcrowding of half a meter per person to be housed in that place, the nudity conditions, it is an inhuman, degrading treatment, it is a great violation of Human Rights that they want to show as a security policy. And every time security policies want to be spectacular, you have to look for what is in the background, just as the military dictatorship had a background.

That terror of the military dictatorship in Argentina, and I mention it because a new March 24 is approaching, had as its objective the planned misery that Rodolfo Walsh spoke of a year after the coup occurred with absolute clarity. Already in his open letter he said that all those ferocious methods of torture that were used for disappearances and others had the objective of a structural transformation of the country, of planned misery. So I think that in a Latin America that is sinking into inequality, into deep inequality, where there were mass mobilizations in the streets responding – we are seeing it now in Peru – these sectors appear that take on the aspect of what they call “security ” to solve it as if it were an isolated problem and not a structural problem of society. So it seems to me that what needs to be looked at so that it works for us from here, because many people came out here to praise this, saying that this should be done.

How do you analyze when, for example, the Buenos Aires security minister Berni says “what is happening in Salvador is music to my ears”?

Another one of those clowns who likes to attract attention by being tough. But when the police stood up to him very hard, he did not go. He is very tough with the popular sectors, with the kids he harasses with the easy trigger – we have the case of Facundo astudillo Castro – there he is handsome, but I didn’t see him act the same, I don’t see him act the same with the cases terrible that are denounced every day of the Buenos Aires. That is why it has a background to increase security policies, it has a background in a complicated social situation. When street crime increases, petty crime is practically 90% related to the increase in social inequality. Not poverty, but the deep inequality that leads to these situations. So coming to say that a clandestine detention center is music to your ears, well, it ratifies your ideological conditions much more.”

Consulted between the disenchantment with traditional politics and the Milei phenomenon, Bregman stated that: “this year 40 years of constitutional governments will be completed, and if you look at that in the year 74′ poverty was 4% and today it is 40%, that unemployment was two to three points, a very low level of unemployment in our country and today you are talking about how, in order to say that unemployment has dropped, they have to count social plans, they have to count precarious work because otherwise the figures would be very high If you look at this whole situation, or that the minimum wage today is half of what it was in 74. In other words, you lost half, they stole half of your purchasing power, there are many indices that tell you and that They lead you to think about why that feeling is created: Because they all governed, different variants of Peronism, of radicalism governed, the liberals governed. Milei’s ideas governed. He vindicates Cavallo. He already governed, was minister of Menem and D e La Rúa and plunged us into the most ferocious crisis. So it is logical that there is that discontent, that certain contestation of the political system. I think that the ruling classes of our country are quite astute and they have been seeing this and after the failed company of the government of Mauricio Macri where they had sold that a modern right, that was going to solve all the problems of the country, that by opening Argentina to the world went forward. Given the failure of that, given the failure of the Frente de Todos government that did not fulfill a single one of all its electoral promises, they begin to put chips on it and the economic power supports it and the media power supports the creation of these far-right figures like Milei , so that social discontent is channeled there. Because Milei can get angry because you said something to him on the sidewalk, he can mess up his hair but he is the most conservative and his ideas go back 150 years. So I think that there is a construction so that the discontent is not channeled by the left, that is to say, questioning the privileges of the dominant classes, that in the distribution of the cake under the government of the Frente de Todos the most concentrated sectors of the economy, but vice versa. Note that what Milei tells you is to go back 150 years in labor rights, about a hundred in women’s rights, that is, she is a totally conservative policy. Even when he says “destroy the Central Bank”, he means that they can break everything. When today there is a big problem in Argentina, which is the flight of capital without even a minimum protection. Well, contrary to what we say about workers’ control over nationalized foreign trade, he says “no, what control, let’s go ahead and let them do what they want.” So it seems to me that it is not by chance, they are building an ultra-right alternative to the failure of the two majority coalitions.”

Regarding the problem of the external debt, the pre-candidate for President for the PTS in the Left Front stated that: “I think that the debt is illegitimate, illegal. I have always thought so and this debt of the Fund is something that not even the greatest of scammers It can occur to him, like the one hundred-year Caputo bond, where they called him from the United States, they told him “get me a bond with these characteristics” and the guy did it. Because the people have to pay for that, that is, they don’t have no explanation… But if you are adopting neoliberal dogmas, if you say from the Ministry of Labor that if wages are increased a lot, inflation is generated, if you are taking little step by little every time there is a concentrated sector of the economy that He cries for two minutes and you give him the soybean dollar, the red wine dollar, the dollar he is asking for… Now I was in Tucumán, they ask for the lemon dollar. That is, the only ones who bear the cost of inflation and devaluation are the popular sectors, because the rest are getting comfortable, because they have all the little game and the circuit that they make of the bicycle of the dollars. They import for one dollar, export for another and they won. So if you adopt all of this and legitimize these policies, it is not surprising that Together for Change will once again be an option. If you fight and say: “Don’t look at these people, no, they are the murderers of Rafael Nahuel and Santiago Maldonado”, Maldonado’s case totally unpunished, no official who talks about it is thrown out. If you say “the debt that Macri left us is illegal and these are the consequences” and we are going to continue paying and… it is difficult for people to believe that ignoring it is an option. You have to take responsibility for the choices you make. If you take all the neoliberal dogmas and make them law and repeat them on television, it is also difficult to say that this was so bad, because that is why Macri is emboldened, because if I left 50 inflation points now they have 100. Now The challenge that we have from the left is enormous, because we have to reveal that this is not the way out, that it cannot be that they give us a choice between all right-wing options and right-wing economic programs that do not differ in economic terms in any way. substantial measure from this government.

And how would you define Massa?

What definition would you give to someone who cut $600 billion from the national budget for retirees, the next month they say “boo”, the soybeans scare him a little and he gives them a transfer in two parts of $600 billion? pesos with the soybean dollar. How do you qualify that of taking retirees from him to give to soybeans? I don’t know, put it right, put it conservative, put the title you want, but what they questioned about Guzmán is being done by Sergio Massa with the support of all the wings of the Frente de todos. The only thing that has changed is that everyone supports him. In other words, the art and magic of Sergio Massa does not lie in having done very different things, but with a degree of consensus.

In relation to the campaign of the Left Front, the national deputy stated: “The challenge that we have from the Left Front, and that is why I am going to take with all this proposal that I take with pride to my PTS comrades that will obviously be discussed throughout the Front after being a pre-candidate for President, is being able to show that the left is the only one that has an idea of ​​the future, that there is no reason to continue getting used to working without rights, to gender violence – to mention today in this March 8th, that the lowest budget of the entire national budget is that of the Women’s Ministry -, that is, there are many things that we have to question, that is the challenge we have going forward.


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