Under the pretext of delays in the calculations to apply inflation adjustments and the $70,000 bonus, a statement from Anses confirms that the pension benefits for the month of April will be made in two payments.

The same day that the poverty data was known, confirming that almost 20 million people are reached; and while they move forward with massive layoffs in Anses and other state agencies, the government applies a new blow to retirees.

In it The first tranche will be paid the same amount that was collected in March and the date is the one corresponding to the calendar. While in second tranche the difference corresponding to the increase and the bonus of $70,000 will be settled and there is still no specific payment date.

This brutal attack adds to the scam of the new mobility through DNU announced this Monday. It establishes that retirements and pensions will increase in April by 27.35%, which is the sum of 12.5% ​​“compensation” for what was “lost” in January, when in reality inflation was 20, 6% that the government refused to give in full. And a “mobility advance” of 13.2% is added due to February inflation, “corresponding to the month of June 2024.” In turn, in May an increase “on account” of June mobility will be granted, also based on the inflation of the previous two months, that is, that of March. And in June the difference will be applied due to current mobility, that is, discounting the increases on account. The CPI adjustment will come into effect in July.

Besides of splice theft – a practice carried out by all governments every time they change the mobility formula – Milei’s DNU 274/2024 seeks to consolidate poverty assets and liquefy the impact of the announced bonus. Assets have lost more than 60% since 2015.

The LLA government has been using the income of retirees as the main means to carry out its cut in the national budget, and achieve a fiscal surplus to comply with the IMF. The chainsaw and blender plan does not stop, we must face them. The enormous mobilizations on March 24 showed that there are enough forces to stop this adjustment. Together with the mega DNU that the deputies are delaying in dealing with to continue negotiating with the Government, it becomes essential to tear down the modification of the pension mobility formula. Returning to the interior does not offer any solution, making it necessary to replace it with one that is based on guaranteeing the collection of the 82% mobile and cannot be located below the retiree basket.

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