This week, the National Court of First Instance of Labor No. 73 declared void the request for immunity and suspension by the Emova company against Claudio Dellecarbonara, member of the executive secretariat of the AGTSyP subway union. It also determined that the concessionaire company must bear the costs of the trial.

The strategy of the Roggio Group company, which seeks to criminalize the struggle of those who defend their rights and denounce the deals that have been going on for 30 years, was thus defeated. The action for which they wanted to suspend him was, precisely, an “opening of turnstiles.” In this article we explain why Emova and Jorge Macri are attacking AGTSyP and Dellecarbonara.

This Friday, upon receiving the formal telegram from the company, the leftist leader and the subway leader spread the news on social media. His words say it all.


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