Russian influencer Zhanna D’Art. Photo: reproduction

Vegan digital influencer Zhanna Samsonova, known as Zhanna D’Art, died “of hunger and exhaustion” due to her extremely limited diet, consisting only of raw fruits and vegetables.

Influencer Diet Details

Zhanna has followed this extremely restrictive diet based on raw vegetables, fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, smoothies and juices for over a decade.

According to friends, Zhanna “could barely walk” and had not drunk water for six years. Instead, she consumed fruit and vegetable juices. In the last few weeks of her life, she was so weak from her diet that she rarely got out of bed and it took her “several minutes” to climb a single step.

Russian influencer Zhanna D’Art, dead after restrictive diet. Credit: Instagram

The death

Zhanna D’Art died on July 21 in an intensive care unit in Malaysia, and her family is now struggling to repatriate her body to Russia.

In an interview with the Russian newspaper Vechernyaya Kazan, Zhanna’s mother revealed that her daughter died of an infection similar to cholera, which was made worse by her extremely restrictive diet.

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