This Tuesday night Myriam Bregman She was interviewed on the C5N program “Minuto Uno”. Driver Gustavo Sylvester started the talk by asking the leader of the PTS and candidate for president of the Left Front and Workers Unity if the left should not make “some kind of self-criticism” in the face of “the phenomenon (Javier) Mercy” and why “they have not been able to contain that discontent” that translated into votes for the libertarian.

Bregman responded that, “precisely, mercy They built it for that, to channel that discontent but only with the political leadership, without questioning the economic conditions in which the country is. mercy He comes to suggest that all the discontent is only a discussion against what he called the ‘political caste’ and that it stays there”.

In this context, he stated that “the left kept their votes” in a “very unequal election, because we had high elections in some districts, as in Jujuyin the Buenos aires city the presidential formula made a good choice, in chubutin Neuquen. In the places where there was fighting, where there was fighting, we maintained what the last two presidential elections were on average.”

Bregman He added that “the challenge we have ahead of us cannot be analyzed from an electoral point of view, because if we do not do a great favor to mercy. Here is a political reality about which mercy is mounted, which is above all an economic reality. The devaluation that took place this Mondayhe IMF mandate that a whole tax increase will come again, big rates and else, is what the game does to Milei’s politics. Because he promises you, we know that with fantasy and magic, that he is going to dollarize and that taxes are going to end. We already saw that and we saw how it ends: taxes are lowered for the rich and everything is loaded on the backs of the people”.

Within this framework, the candidate stated that “it is not the left that has to give explanations (for the growth of mercy). I can explain why the left advances or retreats. We have carried out a very important campaign that had good results. In The slaughterin Merlo and other different districts of the Buenos Aires suburbs we made a very good choice. Places where there are four candidates for mayor and one is ours. I say ‘one’ because the majority are women. Of 27 (presidential) lists that there were, we are five. The responsibility that now falls to us in this discussion is to represent those who do not agree with the adjustment”.

Sylvester He also addressed the issue of women’s rights. “You are a woman who has been very present, now mercy He is saying that he wants to refer to the issue of abortion, as if he wanted to put Congress aside,” the driver told him. Bregman replied that “Milei says a lot of things but we have to see if they can be done later. The reality is quite different. yes i think we women have lost the street. As in so many other fields, today there is a voice that is missing”.

“There is the voice of the Monetary Fund, the voice of big businessmen who point out prices to you every day and laugh saying ‘what do I care about inflation if I can point out’; The voice that is missing is the voice of retirees and retirees, the voice of workers who are seeing their wages devalued (the unions are completely absent) and the voice of women. That one has to start being on the street too,” he reflected. Bregman.

And he added that “the right to abortion was never a ceiling for us, it is a minimum level of law. We want to fight for a salary that reaches, for equal pay that Milei is also unaware of. He is emboldened because we have lost that permanent mobilization, despite the fact that in Argentina there is almost one death per day due to gender violence. We must put the women’s agenda back, but not an agenda that does not include economics, quite the contrary”.

Continuing with her reasoning, the candidate for the FAT said that “these days it is about stating that ‘we must go to discuss the vote of mercyfrom an ideological point of view. Yes, there is an ideological content, there are sectors like victoria villarruel columned with mercy; but fundamentally it is a angry vote against those who have been governing. That’s why they built it mercy, to channel that. So, you have to discuss the underlying policies on which it is mounted. Because they say ‘ah, but you’re going to lose your rights’, but the kid he works for Rap He looks back and says ‘what are the rights that I am going to lose, if today I don’t have a bonus or vacations?’ If youth today have no rights”.

One of the panelists on the program stated that “yes, there are rights that can be lost and, therefore, one government is not the same as another, the right to health exists, the right to public education exists, despite the fact that it is true that there are many people who feel that they are not afraid of losing because they have nothing”. Bregman He replied that, then, “the issue is how do we resolve this, if facing a sector without rights with the one that has rights saying ‘we must carry out a labor reform because you have many rights and you have to be equal to the other’, or with proposals as we did, taking deeply what you mention”.

“In the campaign we made an axis in the reduction of the working day to six hours to generate genuine workso that the hours that remain free are distributed among those who today have a precarious job and without rights. Generate genuine work applying this in large companies in the country. We show that one million two hundred thousand jobs could be generated. That’s the way to unite the working class, not telling someone who doesn’t have rights ‘you’re going to lose rights.’ Here we must begin to unite the working class”.

They also asked him “why aren’t the women on the street, the workers on the street, the retirees on the street?” To which she justly replied that “that is the question. I saw it with the Monetary Fund. How different would the fight against the IMF have been if instead of only the left and some social organizations there had been all the organizations and candidates like Juan Grabois who speak against the Fund. Don’t you think it would have been very important to build a unit in the street, to fight, to fight against that, that the political message is another?

In that framework, Bregman stated that “there was a very clear choice of the CGT and the CTA to align with the government. They had already lost the lectern with Macri, but with this government they don’t say a word. How can they be silent before such a devaluing blow?


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