The PTS column arrived at the event on May 1st headed by its main referents, by the different sectors of the Movement of Classist Groups (MAC) that intervenes in dozens of unions and by student and working youth.

At the head were Javier Hermosilla, Julio Tevez and other leaders of the workers in struggle of Mondelez-Kraft; Raúl Godoy from Zanón-Fasinpat; Vanina Mancuso, president of Madygraf, accompanied by many workers from the labor management; subway leaders like Claudio Dellecarbonara; delegates of combative teaching such as Federico Puy (UTE) and Paula Akerfeld (SUTEBA Tigre), as well as teachers who are councilors in the Province of Buenos Aires such as Erica Seitler, Anabella Colli and Natalia Hernández. Referents from aeronautical outsourced workers such as Martín Brat and Luciano Corradi (GPS), Florencia Saracho from the FOETRA (telephone) board of directors, drivers of collectives in opposition to the UTA, among other sectors, were also ahead.

Accompanying the workers were the national deputies for the FIT Miryam Bregman and Nicolás Del Caño, the councilors of José C. Paz, Moreno and Matanza (Colli, Seitler and Hernández), as well as the councilor of Merlo, David Maidana. Also present were Laura Cano, a doctor who is a member of the CICOP and legislator of the Province of Buenos Aires, Natalia González Seligra, a member of Suteba-La Matanza and former national deputy of the FIT.

Delegates, activists and workers from the class-oriented groups promoted by the PTS marched further back. The Brown of state dependencies of CABA and the Province, the Orange of railway workers, El Despegue of Aeronáuticos, the Violeta del Subte and Telefónicos, the Garnet of the tire, also groups of metallurgists, collective workers, of the workers’ efforts such as Madygraf who had voted in assembly, and very important columns of health workers (Brown and Corriente de Izquierda) from different hospitals, as well as teachers from UTE, Ademys and SUTEBA, who come and are leading strong struggles. Also the most precarious workers who are part of the Permanent Assemblies for Roof and Work in Guernica, La Plata and other towns.

The youth made themselves known with posters and banners, particularly the UBA students who are fighting against the suspension of the elections in the student unions. Also from the universities of La Plata and Greater Buenos Aires, tertiary from the Capital and Province, as well as secondary schools from “No Pasarán”. The working youth were present as well.


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