Photo: Mariana Nedelcu

It’s no longer surprising. On the same day in which the governments of Javier Milei and Jorge Macri unleashed a fierce repression of the social protest against thousands of protesters who asked for bread to eat and rejected the cuts to the canteens, leaving multiple people injured and detained, the CGT not only He was absent from the fight, but instead met as if nothing had happened with the national government in Casa Rosada in the afternoon.

Furthermore: the bureaucrats presented as if nothing had happened a document for a “multi-sector consensus program, which allows us to move towards a dialogue agenda for an Argentina of development, production and work, supportive, inclusive and with equal opportunities.”

Translated: Milei attacks brutally with adjustment and repression and the CGT presents a document for “dialogue.” Not only that: in the document presented, the bureaucracy opens the door to labor reform, raised with the euphemism of “the discussion of a consensus program towards adequate labor legislation” and speaks of “a modern labor regime.”

It also validates the pittance that retirees earn, by proposing to equate the minimum wages with the minimum, vital and mobile wage, which is a pittance.

Likewise, and mixed with empty words to appear good intentions, they remain infamously silent in the face of repression and do not dedicate a single line to defending the right to social protest and denouncing Patricia Bullrich’s repressive protocol.

More than ever, it is imperative to organize from the bases in each place of work, study and in each neighborhood, coordinate for mobilization and join forces to support each fight and impose on these bureaucrats the call for a general strike and plan of struggle to defeat Milei’s plans.

The next challenge: this Friday, April 12, at 5 p.m. we will gather in the Plaza del Congreso and then we will march to the Ministry of Labor, Callao headquarters, against the layoffs, the repression and the new Omnibus Law project.


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