The dome of the CGT once again issued warnings to the incoming government of Javier Milei. This Monday, at the headquarters on Azopardo Street, the traditional union leaders received the leadership of the UTEP, which was renewing its authorities. In the speeches, the guidelines of an opposition speech which, however, does not translate into the preparation of combat measures that are up to the to begin to face the savage adjustment announced by future right-wing government officials.

Among the most confrontational speeches was that of Pablo Moyano, who stated “we will surely see each other on the street soon when they start passing laws or projects against workers.” At the same time, the trucker leader called out the governors, stating that “those governors who arrive at their governorships singing the Peronist March are not going to come with the verse that they are squeezed by public works or by co-participation, putting paintings of Perón and Evita. Let’s see what they are going to do when the businessmen start putting pressure on the national government. If they are with the workers or they are with the businessmen.”

In a slightly lower tone, Hector Daer He pointed out that we must resist the omnibus law that La Libertad Avanza is announcing “so that it is not a bus that passes over the workers.” Furthermore, in the same sense he said that it was necessary to get out of the “discussion about the future of contractual labor relations” that the large employers’ associations and the Government that will take office on Saturday are trying to impose.

From the side of the UTEPits new secretary general, Alejandro Gramajo, warned that “the times ahead are going to be very difficult” and that it is essential to take care of oneself “in solidarity with these guys”, in reference to the government to be assumed.

The words, however, they do not ignore the warnings. They do not constitute part of a preparation to live up to the attack that the employers, the IMF and the Milei management are preparing. On the contrary, the bureaucratic union leaders have been putting cold cloths in the workplace, calling on us to wait and not make waves. That is, preventing or slowing down the development of an organization from below preparatory to facing the adjustment.

It is necessary to start demand assemblies in each company, union or neighborhood. It is essential to start active preparation against the savage adjustment that Milei is loudly announcing, with the endorsement of the employers and the IMF. It is necessary to impose on the union organizations to break the passivity that they have maintained these years and that allowed the adjustment to advance.

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