Leaders of different sectors of the CGT were at the meeting of Peronism. Yasky was also there and the CTA of “Cachorro” Godoy complained that they didn’t invite her. Again the story of unity and the ghost of the right to justify their support for adjusting Peronism. Does the bureaucracy go to the STEP?

Peronism is experiencing a crisis. He has to face the 2023 elections in the midst of strong economic problems, starting with inflation and the worsening living conditions of millions. But also the disappointment of a large part of those who voted for him in 2019 rejecting the macrista adjustment.

In this climate, the “primaries” began with a political thread entitled “Political table of the Front of All”. This Thursday the different wings of Peronism met. Albertistas, massistas and kirchneristas. Ministers, governors and mayors. But there were also chairs for another of the legs of the ruling party: the union leaders.

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Who were? Two of the general secretaries of the CGT, Héctor Daer and Pablo Moyano, were present. Also Hugo Yasky (CTA), Sergio Palazzo (Federal Current) and Abel Furlán (UOM).

Who did not participate was the leadership of the Autonomous CTA. Not because they lacked desire. “They didn’t invite us” they told Infogremiales.

What did they raise? Yasky and Furlán openly asked for a candidacy for Cristina Kirchner. The “outcry” operation was discussed in the meeting that several leaders of the CTA, the Federal Current and the UOM had with Máximo Kirchner the day before.

Pablo Moyano was more cautious. He insisted on “leaving the inmates and thinking about the project of the country for the next elections.” Nor is it accidental. Two days before, he met with other Moyanista leaders, with Alberto Fernández. There the President insisted that he wants to be a candidate.

The one who remained silent was Hector Daer. A very calculated silence. As much as the decision to end this week’s meeting between the small table of the CGT and Sergio Massa.

But everyone began to show their cards. the illusion of moyanismo it is to win the elections, that is why she does not marry any candidate and asks for “consensus”. The fat and independent They have been banking Alberto but his man is Massa and that candidacy depends on an inflation that does not loosen. He union kirchnerism It is tied to the decisions made by the vice president and her allies in the thread of the lists.

The internal tensions of the Frente de Todos were transferred to the Peronist trade unionism. If there is no agreement, they will put all their devices for a few STEP from the front.

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Unity to transform?

The result of yesterday’s table was a document: “Democracy without proscriptions. Unity to transform”. It is a consensus text. For this reason, he combines the rejection of the ban on Cristina Kirchner, with the justification of the crisis due to the international context and the Macrista legacy, and proposes lowering inflation as the “primary task of the project.” All satisfied.

From the point of view of the leadership of the CGT and the CTA, the “letter” leaves other things to analyze.

On the one hand the total absence of any mention of the IMF. As if it did not exist or have anything to do with the situation in the country.

For another a demagogic acknowledgment of broken promises. “We know all the economic and social demands for which we still have to give concrete answers,” they say. “Increasing the purchasing power of wages was the electoral contract,” they add later. As if they were analysts instead of leaders of the most important centrals and unions in Argentina.

Finally, after acknowledging that they betrayed their promises, they once again agitate the danger of the right “which conceives the country as a business platform for a few.” So they call to support the lesser evil: themselves.

The reality is that unionism has been complicit in the adjustment. The “purchasing power of wages” negotiated by the CGT fell 2.8% last year. Retirements 4.7%. But the informals lost much more: 16% with Alberto as President (and Cristina as deputy).

Nobody denies that the right wants to deepen this attack. But this government also “conceives the country as a business platform for a few.” That is why in 2022 almost the same was produced as in 2015 but with 23% lower wages.

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Against discouragement and fatalism

But the document signed by Daer, Moyano, Yasky and Palazzo that you have to pay attention to. He says that “concentrated powers want to subdue society in discouragement and anger, in frustration and disbelief. They want to turn a very adverse global situation into a fatalism from which there is no way out”.

It may be so. But, Hasn’t the Frente de Todos been one of the most responsible for this discouragement and frustration with its adjustment? Haven’t you justified your most anti-popular measures with the “relation of forces”? Haven’t you defended the pact with the IMF “because there was no other way out”? Hasn’t he broken each of the social promises for which he won the elections? Haven’t the FDT union leaderships been the ones that turned their backs on those who fought for wages, working conditions, employment? Aren’t they the ones who want to infect their own discouragement and call again to support the lesser evil?

Against this discouragement and fatalism, against the plans of the right, we must fight for a left-wing solution. An exit that draws on the forces of the working class, women and youth to raise a program that really defends the salary, living conditions and the future of millions.

The PJ document has a truth: “again in 2023 the future of the country is at stake.” That is why the Unity Left Front, together with the combative trade unionism and the independent piquetero movement, in the heat of the fights against the adjustment, has to fight the conscience of millions of workers so that they break with Peronism and avoid a new frustration historical.

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