The debate of the vice-presidential candidates organized by TN He left many spicy moments that went viral on social networks and had a lot of impact. In the midst of the polarization that Agustín Rossi and Victoria Villarruel consciously maintained, Nicolás del Caño managed to get in and make many of the proposals that the left raise to face the crisis and the proposals for greater adjustment that all other spaces support.

However, one moment had gone unnoticed until the last few hours. It is that different accounts linked to Freedom Advances and Javier Milei released a clipping of one of the leftist candidate’s interventions, in which he proposes reducing the working day to generate “work with rights”, including vacations, bonuses and “the right to get sick.”

The proposal is as basic as it is logical for anyone who knows what it is the fear of suffering consequences such as discounts, penalties and even dismissal for being absent due to illness. But this is not the case for those who campaign in networks for the ideas of the far-right candidate, unaccustomed to knowing what it means to work without rights (in some cases unaccustomed to the former) and who defend business exploitation and precariousness with all their might.

Comments recounting the different experiences experienced by those who do not even have the “right to get sick” flooded the responses to the publication, discrediting Del Caño and what he had said. Many stories recounting experiences from their own lives, depicting the abuse of employers who play with the health of their workers and who often make them face truly degrading situations.

“In a metallurgical factory I was in they made you write down every time you went to the bathroom and how many minutes it took because they said it was a loss for the company,” said one. “My brother-in-law worked in a bakery and They didn’t let him go to the bathroom, they had to hold on until they got off work.12 hours in there” commented another. Two responses that show businessmen’s disregard for health and the working conditions of its employees, thinking only of their profits. Some even acknowledged that they had no sympathy for the left-wing candidate, but assured that he was right in stating that in many jobs there is no “right to get sick” because they often receive discounts and threats of layoffs.

“Even when your agreement allows sick leave, the majority cannot afford ‘that luxury’ at the risk of losing prizes or not being able to do the overtime with which they earn a salary that barely covers the family basket,” said Andrea D’Atri, leader of the PTS and candidate for Buenos Aires legislator for the Left Front on the list headed by Bregman and Del Caño. And she added: “It is much worse for informal workers. A doctor from a health center in CABA told me that There is more tuberculosis and the infection spreads like wildfire, because patients do not want to inform at work so as not to lose days and money.“.

Defending those who live off of other people’s work

The liberals’ campaign, seeking to ridicule Del Caño, ended up turning against them and showing the true ideas that many of their “militants” defend. Many of them are rich children who have never known what it is like to work in a dependent relationship, much less in the informal sector, and who defend the “freedom” of business owners to exploit their workers at will and that anyone who doesn’t like it should seek Another job.

The campaign reached the height of being raised until by the right-wing spokesperson “journalist” Jonatan Viale, a paid employee of those who promote flexibilitythey attack labor rights and want to install a new common sense in which anyone who opposes that reality is a “lazy person” who “doesn’t want to work.”

The reality could not be more different. The model defended by Milei, Villarruel and many of the liberals who saturate the networks as part of the campaign is nothing more than that of those who amass fortunes at the expense of other people’s work, while paying pittance and talking about “freedom.” This is what Del Caño said to the vice candidate during the debate, when she reminded him: “Villarruel does not know what he worked on. I have worked in informal jobs for many years of my life and our lists are full of workers and not defenders of genocide like you.. “I am proud to know which are the lists of workers who work every day and are in all the struggles, defending the interests of the workers.”

The question about Villarruel’s activity responds to the fact that until 2021 – the year in which she became a deputy – there are no known contributions from her for any declared work, while from the plants of Freedom Advances They accuse all those who oppose their ideas of greater flexibility of being “lazy.” Another fact that shows the true hypocrisy of the ideas they defend and that earned her the ironic nickname of many users as the “virgen de cuil.”


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