The president gave his last speech to the population about his outgoing government, before handing over command this Sunday to Javier Milei. With lukewarm self-criticism, he defended his management and aroused anger among users on social networks.

Alberto Fernández gave his last speech this Friday, before the transfer of command to Javier Milei, which will take place this Sunday. Despite leaving an accumulated inflation of more than 140% and 40% poverty, in his message – recorded in the Patio de las Palmeras of Casa Rosada – the president defended his management with tepid self-criticism. It should be noted, without going any further, that the government authorized YPF this morning to increase the price of fuel by up to 30%. A farewell farewell before handing over the presidential baton.

With nods to Cristina Fernández and references to Néstor Kirchner, criticism of Macri and Milei, among other things, the president also stated that registered employment has been growing uninterruptedly for more than 3 years, and that industrial employment “is the highest in the last six years.”

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For this reason, users of Twitter (now X), Instagram, Facebook and other social networks expressed their rejection of the president’s speech, with tweets, messages and memes.

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