“The media groups are mercenaries, operators of the adjustment of this repressive government. Not you (for the Movilera) specifically, but these pseudo-journalistic groups have militated in all this crap and are militating for us to be beaten and starved. “This protocol is fascist crap and it is also illegal,” said a passenger on the Roca train when asked if he was for or against the protocol. “Public Order Protocol” announced last week by Patricia Bullrich.

Another immediately added: “For me it is an unfair and undemocratic measure, because when those who were against previous governments were able to leave, cut routes and be on the streets, no one repressed them. Why can’t it be done today? If Patricia Bullrich and those who support Milei came out to protest, why can’t it be done now?

Seconds later, from among the massive waiting line to return home, another worker added that, “besides, they are firing many people from work. What you earn is not enough, people have to eat, the holidays are coming and there will be a mess,” he said when asked by the mobile company.

Faced with the accumulation of unwanted responses, the mobile company began to get restless. And she even confronted a passenger brandishing his SUBE in his hand. The man told him that “when people say something they don’t like, they cut off their microphone.” And he added that if Milei wants to “privatize the trains, when they sell them we will return to the trains with the seats all broken and without windows.” At that moment the journalist told him, forcing the facts, to be “less violent” (because the man spoke vehemently), but spontaneous applause immediately arose from the rest of the passengers who were there, in favor of the interviewee.

A girl, with a calm but firm tone, said: “It doesn’t seem right to me that if they block the street they will take away their plan. Although I come from work and it is a pain to have to endure here (waiting in the Constitution) it seems to me a delay in rights. Complaining is extremely important and Milei, you are a stupid son of a bitch.” After that, the journalist decided not to give the microphone to the people anymore, hiding behind the fact that she did not want “insults.”

The anger over the economic measures of the Libertad Avanza government, with its repressive counterpart in the hands of Security Minister Bullrich, is beginning to be felt in all public spaces. And this Wednesday it will have a massive expression in the mobilization called by more than one hundred organizations and that will march from the National Congress to the Plaza de Mayo.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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