The Ministry of Education of Madrid has reported to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office a possible case of corruption that affects Alfonso Mateos, until now deputy director general of Vocational Training Centers, who was dismissed last February after learning of the facts, which were not have been made public until now.

As has learned, Mateos had been dismissed and had returned to his teaching position after an alleged case of corruption. The Community of Madrid has now confirmed that he is one of those involved in “an alleged crime related to the contracting of renovation works at the Ciudad Escolar educational complex, in which several public officials could be involved,” according to official sources from Madrid. Education. The matter has been reported by the Ministry itself to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office.

The case was uncovered when, last September, Education received a burofax “in which payment of a high financial amount owed for renovation works carried out in one of the buildings of this complex was requested,” according to the official version. .

The technicians verified that there was no contracting file in the General Directorate of Infrastructure of the Ministry. According to Education, “an audit report was requested from the General Intervention and an internal investigation was opened to clarify the circumstances of this financial claim.”

Given the evidence found that a crime could have been committed and to investigate these phantom works, on March 13, a report was submitted to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid “to inform the Chief Prosecutor of this body of the possible involvement of three officials in alleged crimes related to the hiring of these jobs.” Although the Ministry has not wanted to specify the amount of money supposedly diverted, sources close to the case have told that this “high amount” that Education admits could be millions of euros.

The Ciudad Escolar macrocomplex is in the north of Madrid and has 500,000 square meters, one of the largest in the Community. It houses, according to its own website, three secondary schools, including the IES Hotel Hospitality School. It also has an environmental training center, sports halls, event rooms and student residences. has not been able to confirm in which venue the reforms that are now under investigation were planned.

Alfonso Mateos’ performance was already questioned at the beginning of this year for the management of mandatory internships for FP students. There were not places for all those enrolled, especially in the health branch, as El País reported, so they could neither graduate nor work, since without being able to do internships they were stranded. This ended in protests and demonstrations by students, who denounced that priority was given to students from private Vocational Training centers. The problem, as has been able to confirm from educational sources, was finally resolved thanks to social pressure. has been able to contact Alfonso Mateos, who has asked this medium to contact him later.

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