The State Attorney General, Álvaro García Ortiz, criticized this Thursday that the Senate, where the Popular Party has an absolute majority, subjected him to a “court of honor” by agreeing to his disapproval and has refused to resign. “We come here to try to change this country, with great honesty, full of desire and enthusiasm. They cannot take away our enthusiasm or our desire. That is what gives us strength (…). Changing dynamics in structures as conservative as the fiscal career, such as Justice in this country, we knew would have a cost. But the illusion remains and we are obliged to continue,” he stated in an interview on Cadena Ser.

García Ortiz has also referred to the decision of the Supreme Court to annul the appointment of his predecessor Dolores Delgado as prosecutor of the Democratic Memory room. The judges returned the process to the Fiscal Council to rule on a specific point: whether the professional activity of his partner hinders “the impartial performance of his function.” The sentence, known this Tuesday, came a few months after the Supreme Court itself annulled her first promotion to the highest category of the Prosecutor’s Office as a military court prosecutor.

The attorney general has maintained that Delgado is “the best person, the most prepared” to be prosecutor of Democratic Memory and has assured that although he feels that the High Court “questions” some of his decisions, he does not feel “persecuted” by his judges . Furthermore, he has described the Supreme Court’s reasoning for annulling Delgado’s appointment as “crude” and has insisted that it is a thesis “more formal than real.”

In relation to the challenge raised against four of the five magistrates of that body who have to decide whether or not he continues to be the head of the Public Ministry after an appeal against his appointment by the minority Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors (APIF), García Ortiz has said that he has asked them to step aside because they participated in the ruling that annulled Delgado’s first appointment, which is why he considers it “healthier” for “other eyes” to examine this new complaint.

On the other hand, García Ortiz has justified that the Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement to “rebut a malicious hoax that wanted to put the Prosecutor’s Office at the feet of the horses” in relation to the case of Alberto González Amador, partner of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and accused of a tax fraud of 350,000 euros. “It’s what we had to do,” said the attorney general.

The statement from the Prosecutor’s Office that led to the opening of a judicial investigation for the revelation of secrets against two prosecutors was published after the chief of staff of the president of the Community of Madrid leaked false information to several media outlets that was published for several of them: that the Prosecutor’s Office had offered a pact to González Amador and then stopped him on orders from a superior.

The Public Ministry reacted with a statement in which it denied this information and stated that it had been the lawyer of Ayuso’s partner who had communicated by email to the prosecutor in the case that he was willing to reach an agreement, recognizing that “there have certainly been “two crimes against the public treasury.”


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