At midnight this Wednesday the train strike called by the La Fraternidad union. It began almost despite its own bureaucratic driving of Omar Maturanowhat He regretted that the national government had not called for mandatory conciliation.

In statements to the media, the head of the union – who has been in his chair for more than three decades – stated that “responsibility” for the strike falls on the national government, which “did not call the parties to mandatory conciliation.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the force measure was ratified “after a meeting in which we did not receive offers, nor were our claims received. No We demand no salary increase, only a recomposition of what we ask for the inflationary increase, it is an update.”

He strike will last for 24 hours and will affect all services, except for those long distance that go to destinations such as Rosario, Mar del Plata, Tucumán and Córdoba. The decision was based on “not harming the people who already bought the tickets and even if they are reimbursed later, they will not be able to buy the ticket due to the increases.”

The combative opposition grouped in the Railway Orange (grouped in the MAC-PTS) had denounced a few days ago that “on the railway the attack on wages and jobsis combined with the worsening service while rates continue to increase. Although the omnibus law was rejected in Congress as a result of the mobilization, the danger of privatization of state companies, including Trenes Argentino still latent”.

At the same time, had demanded the calling of assemblies to discuss a fighting plan and a set of broader demands. Among them he pointed out the need to end labor outsourcing and confront high rates.

According to that, from this sector They were part of the important cacerolazo which took place this Tuesday afternoon at the Constitución Station. Over there, together with neighborhood assemblies of CABA and AMBA, in a very valuable unit They complained against the brutal increases in the ticket. They counted the accompaniment of deputies of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda such as Nicolás del Caño and Alejandro Vilca.


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