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3 months have passed since Milei's inauguration. In this brief period, events followed one after the other almost without respite. It was one of the busiest summers in recent years.

After taking office on December 10, that same week Milei attacked the working class and popular sectors with all his artillery. First came the “caputazo”, then the DNU and the anti-picketing protocol and finally the Omnibus Law. From La Izquierda Diario we cover the news but we also contribute with columns and audiovisual editorials a view from the left of each topic.

The answer was immediate. On 12/20, the first was the mobilization of the left and combative sectors that faced the Bullrich protocol, and at night thousands of people threw pots and pans in the city's neighborhoods and mobilized to Congress. We were also there, accompanying the mobilization and facing the protocol.

The attacks were so harsh that even the CGT came out of its eternal nap for a while. First with a mobilization on 12/27 to the courts and then calling for the first national strike against La Libertad Avanza, for 01/24. On both days our reporters, drones and photographers were recording everything.

a hot summer

During the treatment of the Omnibus Law, neighborhood assemblies together with left-wing political parties and social organizations took to the streets and faced the brutal repression of Patricia Bullrich during the treatment of the law, the balance of which included retirees gassed and photographers detained. During the course of those days, a health post was set up to help the wounded. Afterwards he gave two workshops to learn how to act in the face of gas, blows and rubber bullets. All this was also shown by La Izquierda Diario.

Finally the law fell, but the idea remained of continuing to fight in the streets by hundreds of people who began to gain experience by participating in neighborhood assemblies. However, the economic blow did not stop, it had a full impact on the increase in public transport and we went out to look for user testimonies. Paying the ticket became a luxury good and that anger was channeled into the molinetazo organized by students, social organizations and the left in the main train heads of the AMBA. We were there too.

During February we show you the mobilization of social organizations for the minimum wage equal to the family basket and for the food emergency, the assembly of Conicet workers against the adjustment, we denounce the government's attack on education and the testimonies of teachers in the strike that CTERA made, as well as the complaints against budget cuts in schools.

It is evident at this point that the adjustment is not being paid by the caste but by the workers: this is how Jesica Calcagno explained it to you on the day of the opening of the legislative sessions, Lucho Aguilar showed it to you in the salary mobilization of the SATSAID workers, the dismissed GPS workers in Aerolíneas Argentinas denounced it, in the temporary closure of the plants of Acindar and in the solidarity embrace for the closure of Télam.

The most recent relevant event was last Friday, March 8, International Women's Day. Tens of thousands filled the area around Congress and also the streets in each province to demand their rights and to express their anger against the adjustment, which women suffer much more brutally in the material conditions of their lives. La Izquierda Diario was also there to show it.

While the Government promotes its own “cultural battle”, this was Tomás Máscolo's response against the ban on inclusive language. Claudia Ferri explained the differences between Milei and Alberdi's speech and we also argued against the legalization of trigger-happy. Furthermore, while the genocide continues in Palestine, in this way we denounce the president's trip to Israel and we also did a little history with Carlos “Titín” Moreira to tell you the origin of the Navarrazo.

We try to contribute every day to the reconstruction of a socialist political-ideological imaginary that expresses the interests of the great majorities and organizes resistance to the plans of the powerful, but that also prepares the working class to direct the course of the country.

Your contribution is essential

We make revolutionary journalism because we believe that the destinies of these majorities will be defined in the class struggle. That is why we give a voice to those who are denied by the big business media: to those belowwho are the ones who are called to turn everything around and change this society at its roots.

But all this will not be without “inconveniences”. During Bullrich's repression during the days of Congress, federal forces destroyed our drone with an inhibitor (for this if they have money). Furthermore, with the shovels they ruined our photographers' camera lenses. That's why we started a campaign to raise money on social networks, to which many of those who are part of our audience joined.

However, we have not yet recovered all of the money needed. But also, we know this is just beginning and the next few times will be very busy. The period of crisis and class struggle that has begun to open presents us with enormous challenges. We want to continue doing what we do best: show reality from below and unmask the powerful.

But we know that it is not free. The equipment that may be affected by repression, the expenses that we have to consider for anti-repressive equipment, but also the resources to acquire new and better equipment, or the money itself that it costs to maintain our site and online servers, Everything comes out of the pockets of those of us who make La Izquierda Diario and the militancy of the PTS in the Left Front.

We do not receive government contributions or large companies, because that guarantees that we are truly independent of all governments and the powerful. That is why we need more and more workers to commit to the economic support of this medium.

You can be part: Make your financial contribution at this link and become part of our Community, so that we continue building revolutionary socialism from below.

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