After a week of mobilizations, This Monday began a new day of unemployment of several state and municipal teachers’ unions. They mobilized from the morning to converge in the center of the capital of the province of Jujuy, San Salvador de Jujuy, to claim -as we have been reflecting through this medium-, for wages y against the totalitarian Constitutional Reform of radicalism and Morales.

participated teachers unions primary, secondary and tertiary, municipal, state, human rights, social and political organizationsalso the Indigenous Communities and the left.

Faced with this popular demonstration, in a desperate gesture, the Morales government has taken out a decree on Friday the 9th, in which reinforces the criminalization of protest, with increases in fines for demonstrating, disqualification from public office, laying off public employees. With this he tries to silence the population, something that he will not be able to achieve, since the force to mobilize continues to grow.

Health is on its feet, in defense of wages, against layoffs, precariousness and the rejection of the Gerardo Morales Reform. Unity of those who guarantee access to health for the poor and working people and of the teachers who give classes on fighting in the streets.

They came from different parts of the province to participate in the day. At the same time, the Drafting Commission of the Constituent Assembly meets, which has been operating for more than 20 days, where radicalism tries to approve its proposals, negotiating with Peronism the final text of a Reform that is delegitimized in the streets, but which they try to impose equal. The Left Front denounced from the beginning of the sessions, not only the Reform and the negotiations between radicals and Peronists. urges continue in the streets and that the union centrals, CGT and CTAs call for an active provincial general strike, so that the Constitutional Reform of the ruling party is completely withdrawn.

As part of this day of provincial protest, a cut took place on National Route 34, at the height of Ledesma. There the teachers received the support of social organizations and workers grouped in the Uatre Ledesma. The demand is the same: “Up with wages, down with the reform.” And the demand for a provincial strike to defeat Morales is also present.

To this day of strike, cut and mobilization, The workers of the Provincial Road Administration (DPV) joined, the unit grows and they demonstrate against the Morales Reform.

Will be present on this day, Myriam Bregmanpre-candidate for president for the PTS, in the Left Front, who has been supporting and spreading the fight that is taking place in the province of Jujuy, but also, with concern about Morales’s attempt to impose a decree plus the measures that has been carried out to criminalize the right to protest and the attack on political rights.


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