Big business and the government are attacking working people. They destroy salaries, pensions and social programs, the tariffs advance and the companies that made fortunes are now laying off.

But they also come from approving in Deputies, together with the PRO and the collaborationist blocks (including some Peronist deputies), the Base Law and the fiscal package. What does it mean? They give Milei special powers; a labor reform that makes us more flexible and takes away rights; eliminates the moratorium by increasing the retirement age of women; advances against energy sovereignty and enables more tariffs; seeks to privatize Argentine Airlines and Trains and other public companies. The salary tax returns and they eliminate the social monotax, while giving benefits to the rich, with money laundering without paying taxes and without knowing the origin (laundering, drug traffickers).

This occurred before the passivity of the union leadership, which did not mobilize Congress. The UxP deputies limited themselves to voting against, without appealing to mobilization. They do not want to defeat Milei’s entire plan with the action of working people. Its political objective is also to manage the country at the service of the IMF and big businessmen, but with a little state regulation, as we saw in the previous government. In a convulsed world, in crisis, that is even more impossible.

Now the Government wants to approve it in the Senate. Traditional parties, linked to capitalist sectors, “poop” votes. Many are willing to change an item but leave the essentials. The PJ does not say that if it returns to Deputies the right can ratify it with the same votes it already had.

That’s why, We must defeat the law as a whole and turn Milei’s entire plan upside down. That will be in the streets.

From the Left Front we come from fighting in Congress with our deputies, but also marching alongside neighborhood assemblies, retirees, social and union organizations. We have a proposal to defeat the adjustment and these laws.

The forceful general strike on May 9 showed that there is anger and forces against the adjustment. That’s why, On the day that the Bases Law and the Tax Law are discussed in the Senate, the CGT, the CTA and all the unions have to call an active general strike, with mobilization to Plaza Congreso. We can be hundreds of thousands like in the educational march on April 23. Sectors of the CGT, the CTA, human rights organizations and Peronism propose mobilizing the day the Law is discussed in the Senate. To ensure that this is the case, it is necessary that they call for a 36-hour active strike that begins that same day at noon and guarantees mass mobilization until the law falls.

We need assemblies in all workplaces to debate how to win this fight. We are the ones who move the country. Together we have to prepare the general strike that will defeat the entire blender, chainsaw plan of Milei, the IMF and the large corporations.

To defeat the adjustment laws, to achieve an emergency increase for salaries, pensions and social programs, to end layoffs by demanding the opening of accounting records of companies, to end the criminalization of protest and political organizations and social.

We invite you to join this claim and promote the petition that we are spreading in unions and workplaces: “From the bases we demand: Strike and mobilization of Congress the day the Bases and Fiscal Law is discussed in the Senate!”

Here you can download it, sign it and share it with your colleagues.

We also leave you the flyers to download and spread.

Strike and mobilization. Volant… by Apuntes de Frontera

Butterfly Group Movement… by Apuntes de Frontera


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