A recent study from Stanford University highlights Ripple’s strategic potential for US policymakers. The research indicates that Ripple, a private payment network that processes more than $1 billion in transactions every day, has significant global reach and could therefore be of great strategic importance to the United States.

Regulatory uncertainty threatens Ripple’s growth and competitiveness

Stanford said the current uncertain regulatory environment in the US is hindering Ripple’s competitive position, research progress and growth opportunities. It calls for a clearer regulatory framework to support companies like Ripple. Such a framework would not only facilitate the global expansion of these companies, but also contribute to America’s financial infrastructure. If the US does not act quickly, there is a risk that the blockchain industry will take over in other countries.

Ripple is rightly frustrated about the lack of clear regulation in the United States, despite the long-recognized strategic value of crypto. This lack of regulation is one of the reasons why the company has started expanding into other regions, such as Asia.

Ripple and SEC in legal battle over fines

Although Ripple clarified on July 13, 2023 that the sale of .

Initially, the SEC demanded a $2 billion fine, which could mean heavy financial losses for Ripple. Ripple then proposed a $10 million fine, based on historical SEC fines. It pointed to the lower fine imposed on Terraform Labs as an argument, but the SEC rejected this comparison, emphasizing that the circumstances are different. However, new developments indicate a possible fine of $102 million.

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Source: https://newsbit.nl/universiteit-stanford-ripple-kan-strategische-voordelen-bieden-voor-vs/

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