British financial giant Standard Chartered has made a remarkable prediction about the future value of Bitcoin. This prediction is based on the historical growth patterns of Gold ETFs. Standard Chartered expects there to be an inflow of $75 billion into Spot Bitcoin ETFs.

According to the bank’s analysts, this could see the Bitcoin price rise to $250,000 by the year 2025. In addition, Ethereum is also predicted to benefit from this development, with an expected price increase to $8,000.

Ethereum also benefits

Standard Chartered is also optimistic about the future of Ethereum (ETH). The bank predicts that if the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves an Ethereum ETF on May 23, it could lead to $45 billion in investments in the first year after approval.

However, the expectation of this approval is uncertain. Analysts point to the SEC’s reluctance to comment on pending applications, raising doubts about the chances of approval.

Nevertheless, if the adoption of the Ethereum ETF becomes a reality, Standard Chartered foresees significant price appreciation for ETH, with the potential to reach $8,000 by the end of the year. This would represent a significant increase in value from the current price of approximately $3,100.

Furthermore, Standard Chartered projects that the ETH to BTC price ratio could return to the 7% level observed in the 2021-2022 period. If the Bitcoin price actually reaches $250,000 by the end of 2025, this would imply that the price of ETH could rise to around $17,500.

Long-term optimism

Standard Chartered’s bullish view on Bitcoin is reinforced by Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, which predicts a significant increase in the Bitcoin price. According to this model, Bitcoin could rise to as much as $500,000 in the period 2024-2028.

Short-term fear

However, despite these long-term predictions, there is currently a negative mood in the Bitcoin market. The price of Bitcoin has recently experienced a sharp decline, causing market sentiment to cool considerably.

Given these developments, the question arises: will Bitcoin be able to recover from this setback? What do you think? Will Bitcoin recover from this dip?

The recent decline in the Bitcoin price appears to have been partly caused by significant outflows from ETFs, which were recently observed again. Farside Investors reported net outflows of $154.3 million last Monday.

Grayscale in particular saw a significant impact, with record outflows from their Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), with investors withdrawing a total of $642.5 million in assets.

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