In a new chapter of the tension that the Nation and Chubut are experiencing over the issue of co-participation, a judicial resolution was known moments ago, which bears the signature of Hugo Ricardo Sastre, and which orders it as such. It is also indicated in the same ruling of Federal Court No. 1 of Rawson.

A new chapter was known moments ago in the fight between Nación and Chubut over co-participation funds that implies a setback for Milei: a Judicial failure of the province of Chubut ordered the restitution of the funds and also the refinancing of the debt.

The resolution corresponds to the Federal Court No. 1 of Rawson and is signed by Judge Hugo Ricardo Sastre.

The text indicates: “the cessation of the withholding that – as reimbursements for loans agreed within the framework of the Trust Fund for Provincial Development – the defendant has been making on the sums that the defendant must receive as Federal Co-participation of Taxes; this, until the refinancing of the debt is completed and for the maximum period included in the current financial year.”

Also added in said resolution: “to urge the parties to arbitrate conducive means towards the cancellation and/or refinancing of the debt, under reasonable conditions, which do not involve the commitment of essential services of the provincial state.”

Let us remember that Governor Ignacio Torres, who had first threatened to cut off the shipment of oil and gas, on Monday night in a speech he issued before the provincial Legislature expressed that “the conflict will be resolved in court.”

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This Tuesday afternoon, the governors of the Patagonian provinces will have a meeting in the National Congress. There they will continue to complain against the national government, lobbying. This pressure, however, does not imply that they oppose the adjustment ordered by the IMF, since in their own provinces they apply adjustment policies. They are only trying to negotiate it so that the provinces are not the ones who have to make the harshest cuts.

The union confederations, which after the strike on January 24 were held again, must call for a new strike and a true plan to fight against the adjustment plan that falls on the working and popular majorities.

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