Increasingly used in various sectors, theartificial intelligence it has also made inroads into the cryptocurrency sector.

The technology is usually exploited for the analysis of give on-chain and for the blockchain security. Similarly, AI is used by traders to analyze the value of digital assets and make predictions about their value.

For this reason, in the cryptocurrency sector it is not uncommon to find projects based on artificial intelligence, enhanced by a native token such as Kombat memes.

Among the most interesting ones of the moment, we find Scotty The AI. It is a utility token presented as a meme coin with a cute mascot as its mascot Scottish Terrier.

Launched a few days ago, the project has gathered momentum $500,000 in presaleattracting traders thanks to its innovative features and the possibility of placing the native token SCOTTY in staking.

Scotty The AI

Scotty The AI ​​uses an advanced AI system to analyze the mechanisms of blockchain technology, its algorithms and complex codes. The aim of the project is to find anomalies in the network that could be missed by human programmers.

Additionally, Scotty The AI ​​can store transactions, blocks, and hashes recorded on the blockchain, analyzing massive amounts of data in seconds.

According to the project’s official whitepaper, the strengths of Scotty The AI ​​are advanced AI capabilities, speed, fraud detection e transparency.

Scotty The AI ​​wants to become a point of reference for security in the crypto community, stimulating collaboration between traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Presale of the SCOTTY token and Tokenomics

The project is based on SCOTTY, an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Although presented as a meme coin, SCOTTY is actually one utility tokennecessary to access the features offered by the project.

SCOTTY currently has a value of $0.0053but will increase with each pre-sale phase, up to listing.

Traders can buy SCOTTY by connecting their wallet to the project’s official website and using ETH, USDT or credit card.

SCOTTY purchased in presale will be placed in stake to generate passive rewards based on APY, currently at 245%.

On the official website it is possible to subscribe to a newsletter, leaving your username, email address and telephone number, in order to obtain SCOTTY tokens for free.

Scotty Swap e Scotty Chat

The two main functions of Scotty The AI ​​are the tool Scotty Swap e il chatbot IA Scotty Chat.

Scotty Swap is a exchange that integrates artificial intelligence for verifying transactions, blocks and hashes on the network. Scotty Swap can find vulnerabilities in your firewall or encryption.

The exchange allows developers to improve network security, reducing risks and ensuring smooth transactions.

Scotty Chat is a chatbot similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPTequipped with artificial intelligence capable of answering questions related to the cryptocurrency sector, to help traders develop investment strategies.

Scotty The AI ​​roadmap

The project roadmap has been divided into three different phases. The objectives of the first phase have been completed, with the launch of the presale.

Phase 1:

  • Community launch
  • Audit dello smart contract
  • Token generation
  • Marketing campaign


Level 2:

  • Scotty Swap launched
  • Beta version of Scotty Chat
  • Blockchain acquisition
  • Further marketing campaign
  • Scotty Picks Beta

Phase 3:

  • Listing of the token on DEX for the public launch of the project
  • Listing su CEX
  • Newsletter per la community
  • Listing su Coingecko e Coinmarketcap

Scotty The AI ​​tokenomics

SCOTTY’s total bid amounts to 1.734,567,890 token. Official tokenomics sees 30% of the supply used for presale (520,370,637 tokens) and 70% allocated to staking, development, exchange and marketing (1,214,197,523 tokens).

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