Hours after the electoral ban began, Sergio Massa broke the silence after the death of Morena in Lanús this Wednesday, an event that shocked a large part of the population, and led to the suspension of the campaign closing acts of the main candidates.

However, he did so amid the news of the murder of Facundo Molares at the hands of the Buenos Aires City Police. “An incident at the Obelisk” was the expression he used to refer to the terrible event, while Larreta came out to support the Police and there is a huge media campaign to disassociate any responsibility of the police forces and politicians from Together for Change in the event . Meanwhile, social organizations in solidarity continue to demonstrate asking for justice and denouncing that it was the product of police violence that they want to hide.

The videos, photos and testimonies of the moment in which the Police detained the protesters at the Obelisk leave no doubt that the death of Facundo Molares was at the hands of the agents who brutally reduced them to the ground, until a journalist warned and published that Molares could not breathe. The arrest and suffocation at the hands of the Larreta Police was the cause, not an anonymous “incident.”

He Massa’s message ends up being part of a strong campaign installed by far-right candidates such as Javier Milei, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Gerardo Morales, among others. The goal is to score a heavy-handed agenda, punitivism and requests to reinforce the repression of social protest. Talking about his career in the municipality of Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires, as a pioneer in installing security cameras and police control devices in the streets, as part of his proposals to continue at the national level against the alleged “insecurity “.

Massawe need to remember, never spoke out against the fierce repression unleashed by Gerardo Morales in Jujuy to pass the constitutional reform that prohibits the right to protest. Now it is part of the cover-up of the murder that the Larreta Police has just committed. It is not a moment of opportunism, but a political career, built from the beginning on the request that the Army militarize the popular neighborhoods, a proposal that he carried out in spots as a candidate in 2015.

Faced with this situation, Myriam Bregman said it clearly: “The heavy-handed speeches and criminalization of the protest have consequences” and the need to reject them at every opportunity. The demand for greater power from the security forces, and that they establish that it is necessary to suppress social protest, in a context where hunger, poverty and social inequalities are growing deeper, are a breeding ground for empowering police. He also stated that: “What we have to face is this repression that is always against the workers, it is always against those who fight, it is always against the women that we demand for our rights. Let us hope that tomorrow there will be thousands and thousands of us who will be in this Obelisk to demand justice for Facundo, because what happened today is very serious.

Special mention deserves, in this situation, Juan Grabois. Sergio Massa’s rival in the Unión por la Patria internal party has already announced that in October he will call to vote for the current Minister of Economy. In other words, he will support as a candidate for president whom he has just called an “incident” of a murder committed by the Larreta Police.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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