As detailed in another notethe media and millionaire lawyer Fernando Burlando launched an electoral campaign spot in which, in a tank top, shorts and flip flops, he plunges into one of the poorest areas of the neighborhood of the ovens of At payment. There she embraces some neighbors and then, on the threshold of a door, says “if there is no doubt about something, it is the decency of this family.”

One of those embraced is none other than jose louis augemember of “Los Horneros”, the lumpenes band that on January 25, 1997, in partnership with Buenos Aires policekidnapped and killed the photographer of the magazine News Jose Luis Cabezas. As is known, the lawyer for “Los Horneros” in the trial for the crime was, precisely, mocking.

When the news went viral, mocking he tried to excuse himself by appealing to lies. For example, that he did not remember that one of the “extras” in his video was Auge and that since he was not in the final edition of the spot he cannot take charge.

Immediately, Cabezas’s sister publicly repudiated the lawyer’s provocation. “From Burlando I am not surprised, He always defended and gave work to the murderers of CabezasIt is not the way to be a candidate for anything and I am sorry for my brother and my old man, because they suffered a lot,” he said. Gladys Cabezas when being consulted.

From where the immediate repudiation also arose was from the Association of Photojournalists of the Argentine Republic (Argra)to which Cabezas belonged and who from the beginning demanded justice for José Luis and punishment of all those guilty. “Argra repudiates the exhibition of José Luis Auge as part of Fernando Burlando’s proselytizing campaign”They said in a statement released in recent hours.

Argra remembers that “When the police maneuvers to dilute the investigation into the murder of our colleague José Luis Cabezas were aborted by the social mobilization, the Horneros appeared, and with them Fernando Burlando. With his unexplained presence, the self-indictees of the crime were adapting their versions to the rhythm of the demonstration of their inconsistencies ”.

“The judicial sentence was exemplary, but limited to the executors and ephemeral. In everything he was mocking. For years, he did not rest in assisting his pupils so that they could enjoy all the guarantees granted to any convicted person, and achieve early freedom with quick passes of procedural magic ”continues Argra.

The statement ends by saying that “Now Dr. Burlando, enthusiastic about his political career, has made a campaign spot in a neighborhood, and the ominous shadow of one of the Horneros has accompanied him. He would look grotesque if he weren’t infamous. Argra does not seek revenge or beat the drums of cancellation. There they. We only wish that, when it comes to voting, the people do not forget”.

In January of this year were fulfilled 26 years of heinous crime who had José Luis as a victim. And for 26 years Cabezas has been synonymous with the fight against the impunity of power, that of which he himself boasted Alfredo Yabran (instigator of the crime) before the television cameras. To learn more about the case, including elements of the criminal record, Fernando Burlandowe invite you to see this special dossier that The Left Journal published on January 25.

José Luis Cabezas Present!


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