The new Government of Pedro Sánchez will have four vice presidencies. Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera, the heads of Economy, Labor and Ecological Transition who will repeat their positions, will be joined by María Jesús Montero, number 2 of the PSOE and until now Minister of Finance, as vice president of the new Executive. In that Council of Ministers, where there will again be 22 portfolios, there will also be the former Canary Islands president Ángel Víctor Torres as head of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory.

Another of the most relevant changes occurs around the figure of Félix Bolaños. One of the president’s most trusted men, Bolaños becomes Minister of Justice today in a department in which he will maintain the powers of the Presidency. For its part, the Ministry of Equality will be in the hands of the jurist Ana Redondo, until now a councilor in the Valladolid City Council.

The new coalition Executive, which will be presented by Pedro Sánchez himself this Monday morning, will also have the presence of the former mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Hereu. The PSC politician will occupy the Industry portfolio that until now was held by the Canarian Héctor Gómez. The former mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, will also be in the Council of Ministers, heading a ministry as important as that of Transport and Sustainable Mobility.

As has announced, Elma Saiz from Navarre will be the new Minister of Social Security, a department from which José Luis Escrivá leaves to occupy the Digital Transformation portfolio.

In addition to Escrivá, the Council of Ministers will have a good number of members who repeat after the last legislature. These are the cases of Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Margarita Robles, José Manuel Albares or Pilar Alegría, who will add the Sports portfolio, until now in the Ministry of Culture, to her powers in Education, of which department she continues to head.

Alegría also becomes the new spokesperson for the Government, a position from which Isabel Rodríguez leaves to head Housing and Urban Agenda, a newly created ministry. Diana Morant’s continuity is also guaranteed and she adds Universities to her responsibilities as head of Science, unifying both departments.

Sumar’s ministries

The PSOE coalition partner maintains with Sumar the same number of ministries as with Unidas Podemos, five, although with a different distribution. Yolanda Díaz retains a vice presidency and the Ministry of Labor, to which in this legislature the Social Security powers are not returned either, in the hands of the PSOE. The representation of the commons falls to Ernest Urtasun as Minister of Culture. Minister of Health will be the leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, while the spokesperson for Izquierda Unida, Sira Rego, will be in charge of Youth and Children. The former deputy and former leader of Podemos Pablo Bustinduy will be Minister of Social Rights and Consumption. As had been confirmed in the last hours after the departure of Nacho Álvarez due to the clash between Podemos and Sumar, those of Ione Belarra are left without any representation in the Council of Ministers.

“High political profile”

In the official presentation of his new Executive, Pedro Sánchez highlighted the “political profile” of the members of the Council of Ministers, whose ability to manage but also “to reach agreements and explain them publicly” was valued. has said.

In an institutional statement without the presence of the media in Moncloa, Sánchez spoke of a “high political profile” legislature in which “a solvent, solid Government” will be necessary. And that is why he has placed special emphasis on “the solidity of the political and professional careers” of the new ministers.

The re-elected president has also valued the “continuist” line in the economic area, with Nadia Calviño and María Jesús Montero as vice presidents at the head of Economy and Finance, respectively, as well as in the ministries of state, with Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande -Marlaska in Defense and Interior.


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