Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is currently receiving considerable criticism for his statements about Tether. For example, he claims that the US government is after Tether (USDT). “That’s clear to me.”

Garlinghouse made these statements during an appearance in the World Class podcast. Everyone in the industry knows that Ripple is working on its own stablecoin, so they see this as a cheap way for Garlinghouse to promote its own project.

Samson Mow is tough on Ripple

“Leave the attacks to the XRP bots,” he wrote on Twitter about Garlinghouse’s cheap attack on Tether.

According to Mow, Garlinghouse is deliberately trying to spread bad news about Tether. “That’s standard for companies trying to compete with Tether over the past decade and it’s clearly having no effect. Just look at Tether’s incredible growth in recent years.

Now they are also diversifying into areas such as energy, artificial intelligence and more.”

He suspects Garlinghouse of trying to blacken Tether and Bitcoin at the same time. “Garlinghouse is motivated to attack both Bitcoin and Tether because they both compete with what he wants with Ripple/XRP.”

XRP is failing on all fronts

Mow’s conclusion is that XRP is failing on all fronts. “XRP is failing to compete with Bitcoin and their stablecoin will fail too.”

Garlinghouse tries to put out the fire a bit by claiming on Twitter that he did not launch an attack on Tether at all. “I didn’t attack Tether. My next words in the podcast were that I see Tether as a hugely important part of the ecosystem.

My point was that the US government is making it clear that they want more control over US dollar-backed stablecoin issuers and so Tether is in their sights.”

We’re all going to see it. Competition within an industry is never a bad thing, but Ripple has not proven itself over the years as a company that delivers on its big promises. While Tether has done just that.

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