“The US objective is to cause havoc in order to extract everything possible from a given country, from an economic and resource point of view.”, says Maria Zakharova.

Maria Zakharova, from the Russian Foreign Ministry, gave an interview with Gleb Ivanov today, the 12th, where she made some very strong statements.

Read the translated transcript of Zakharova’s speech:

“The United States and NATO have never been shy about outright lying to justify their aggressive plans. In the case of the aggression against the FR of Yugoslavia, carried out under the mocking banner of “humanitarian intervention”, mainly civilian targets were hit: residential areas, hospitals, schools, bridges, passenger transport and columns of refugees. Thousands of civilians were killed, including 89 children, who the Western coalition cynically dubbed “collateral damage”.

Let me remind you that NATO’s aggression against the FR Yugoslavia began without UN sanction – it was not only a tragic milestone in the lives of the Serbian people, with thousands of destinies ruined and national dignity desecrated, but also a devastating blow for the system of international relations, law and the foundations of security in Europe, established after the Second World War.

The US and NATO have finally come to believe in their own impunity and moral superiority – to the misfortune of those who strive to choose their own path, instead of becoming instruments for realizing the interests of others. On that day, the strategic balance of power collapsed and a protracted crisis in interstate relations began, which continues to deepen.

The same thing is happening now in the Middle East. The situation in the region is an example of the “controlled chaos” theory that underlies US policy. However, this chaos has spiraled out of control and threatens a full-scale regional war. The US cannot ignore this, but the desire to make super profits from arms sales in the region exceeds all moral and ethical standards among Americans.

If we talk about the US goals in Ukraine, leaving aside the political motives for creating a puppet state on the western borders of Russia, from where constant threats to our country would come, then everyone knows that there are large assets of American companies in this country. The most profitable “grain business” in the world is partly owned by Washington. The most fertile land has already been purchased or taken for free by American companies. They will squeeze everything and leave the country to the mercy of fate.

In pursuit of elusive global dominance and military superiority, Washington and its allies are expanding the network of alliances directed against third countries and actively pursuing a series of programs that undermine global stability and regional security.

These are the emerging alliances AUKUS (Australia, Britain, USA) and QUAD (USA, Australia, Japan, India) in the Asia-Pacific region, whose aim is to militarize the region to contain China and Russia. Recently, Politico magazine wrote: “In every conflict in which it has been involved, Washington has lost interest in supporting the countries involved, as American companies have wrested everything they can from the presence of US troops.”

The US objective is to wreak havoc in order to extract everything possible from a given country, from an economic and resource perspective. And from a political point of view, it aims to prevent countries and regions from developing with stability and prosperity.”

Via Sony Thang

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/04/12/porta-voz-da-russia-diz-que-eua-estao-costurando-novas-aliancas-na-asia-para-desestabilizar-a-regiao/

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