Scientists have revealed the existence of the largest diamond mine in the world, known as the deposit Popigailocated on the border between the region of Krasnoyarsk it’s at Republic of Yakutiaalready Russia. The deposit contains an estimated quantity of trillion caratsexceeding known global reserves.

The formation of this colossal mine is attributed to the fall of a meteorite and was discovered in the 1990s. 1970but without exploration possibilities at the time.

Alexander Portnova doctor in mining geology, explained that the mine only became public decades later due to its extraordinary size and the implications this could have for the industry.

The revelation was initially kept secret as it was uncertain whether the diamonds could be used industrially.

Sergei Goryainovcommentator for Rough & Polished Information and Analysis Agencypointed out that there is a great demand for diamonds in the industry, however the demand for natural diamonds remains low.

This is due to the difficulty of ensuring the precise characteristics of natural stones, making synthetic diamonds more desirable for technical applications.

Despite this, renowned companies, including De Beers and several Japanese corporations, show great interest in the deposit Popigai due to the unique and exceptional characteristics of its diamonds, which are significantly harder than common types.

Nikolai Pokhilenkodirector of the Siberian Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, highlighted that Popigai diamonds are the most resistant materials found in nature and could revolutionize the industry of drilling and processing tools and instruments.

He also mentioned the potential application of these diamonds in sectors such as electronics and optics.

The deposit is capable of supplying the world’s demand for diamonds for approximately three thousand years, according to scientific assessments.

At the same time, the Argyle mine in Western Australia, known for its coveted pink and red gems, closed after almost four decades of operation.

Argyle’s production was notorious for representing around 90% of pink-magenta diamonds, which are among the most valued on the market.

The mine closure is seen as a possible catalyst for a rise in prices for these specialty gems, as predicted by industry analysts such as RBC Capital Markets e Panmure Gordon.

A Sotheby’s reached a record price of US$71 million for the diamond auction “Pink Star” of 59.6 carats in April 2017, highlighting the exceptional value of these rare stones.

The closure of operations at Argyle could have a significant impact on the availability and price of these exclusive diamonds in the future.

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