The information circulating in international news agencies says that armed people with hoods shot both inside the room where a concert by the group Piknik was going to begin, and towards the line of people who were waiting to enter.

Videos from the scene until a few moments ago showed a fire in one of the wings of the building where the Crocus City Kall is located, apparently due to chairs and other furniture set on fire by the same men who shot the people. While the mayor of Moscow suspended all activities planned for this weekend.

At the beginning of March, the US embassy and the United Kingdom embassy issued warning signals about possible attacks in places of mass attendance, although they were dismissed by Putin, who at the time stated that “all of this looks like absolute blackmail with the intention to intimidate and destabilize our society,” responding to that alert in a meeting with the heads of the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Faced with the statements of people close to Putin who accused Ukraine – and NATO – of this crime, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby stated that “There are no indications that kyiv was involved in the attack.” The spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zajárova, responded to these statements and told the international press: “On what basis do Washington officials reach conclusions in the midst of the tragedy about no one being involved?” And I add: “If the United States has or had reliable data on this matter, it should immediately hand it over to the Russian side.” If there is no such data, then the White House has no right to grant leniencies to anyone..

Putin has not yet made any statements and there are several speculations in the international media, given the background of Russia’s war with Ukraine (which from the beginning is being supported by NATO), which the Russian government takes advantage of (not yet officially) to blame that country for being involved.

Another speculation, based on a statement attributed to ISIS where it claims responsibility, centers on the fact that an Islamic armed group commando would have acted as part of its connection with the fundamentally Islamic Chechen separatism.

All of this is still in the speculative field, what is certain is that it will have consequences in a world where military preparations and partial wars are already a reality.


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