On the afternoon of this Friday, Gendarmerie and Federal troops burst into the middle of the fair in the 1-11-14 neighborhood with rubber bullets, gas and blows. Neighbors in the neighborhood report that several people were injured, some of them even with gunshot wounds to the eye area. The events occur within the framework of the strong repression that occurred in Congress during the treatment of the Bases Law and the arbitrary arrests without legal grounds against 35 protesters.

On this Friday afternoon everything was calm among the neighbors and the fair workers of the 1-11-14 neighborhood of Bajo Flores. But the tranquility was violently interrupted by dozens of uniformed police officers. National Gendarmerie and City Policewho, using gas, shots and blows, broke into the merchandise stalls.

In addition to the damage to the respiratory tract caused by the inhalation of toxic gases, neighbors reported that several people were injured. In the images that were captured you can see a teenager with a bloody face and a wound mark a few centimeters from his left eye. A totally illegal repressive methodology of targeting her face, which has been applied by Minister Bullrich.

According to some testimonies, the presence of the troops in the place was due to a raid on a commercial premises, but no authority from the City Government could give an explanation for the repression of stallholders and residents of the neighborhood.

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These new scenes of police brutality occur just two days after the enormous repressive operation deployed outside Congress while the regressive Base Law was being discussed in the Senate. Provocateurs, infiltrators and plainclothes police were part of an operation that, in addition to violently repressing those who demonstrated, 35 people were arbitrarily and unfoundedly detained for which various Human Rights organizations demand his immediate freedom.

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