The businessman who owns the Techint Group placed seven officials in strategic positions. He defends the savage adjustment that Milei is making and now orders state workers to be fired. We have to stop his hand.

Paolo Rocca made a deal. He put $ 20 million of pesos to the presidential campaignl of Javier Miley in the runoff and he was left with many charges. All very important. Now, while she defends the savage adjustment that Milei is making, her officials are moving forward with the dismissal of thousands of workers.

Let’s review. He appointed Horacio Marin, CEO of Tecpetrol, as president of YPF, the largest company in the country. There he added Gustavo Gallino, who was general director of Techint Engineering and Construction and now joins as vice president of Infrastructure of the oil company. They add him to Matías Farina, who was in the vice presidency of Tecpetrol. He now holds the same position at YPF. Federico Barroetaveña, a former cfo of Techint, also retains a position at the state oil company.

It does not end there. In addition, they advanced and remained with positions within the same Cabinet.

Luis Francisco de Ridder, another key man at Tecpetrol, where he has worked since 1991. They say he is one of Paolo Rocca’s trusted men. Now, he remained as Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons of the Nation. Another who will join the sector is Horacio Amartino, former director of Budgets, Planning and Control at Techint. He will become the new director of the Gas Pipeline Execution Unit.

Paolo Rocca also took control of the Secretary of Labor. Julio Cordero is now there, who became known for disregarding the right of workers to have free time. He is behind the hundreds of layoffs that are taking place in that agency.

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We must face this attack. The union centers have to urgently call for a national strike and a plan of struggle until the adjustment is defeated. If this attack advances, then they will come for the rights of the entire working class.

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