It ends on Wednesday, the last working day of the week, before Easter you receive an email and they announce that you are fired. This happened to more than 500 workers from the Ministry of Labor of the Ministry of Human Capital headed by Sandra Petovello. Secretariat in which its main officials come from and were contributed by the Techint group of magnate Paolo Rocca. Nothing human can be expected from the so-called Ministry of Human Capital with officials of an economic group that knew how to set up concentration camps in its factories for the last military dictatorship and multiplied its profits with that contribution. For you, who are caste?

These types of announcements were replicated with the same viciousness in other state agencies, such as Anses, Sennaf, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Education, among many others. The numbers cannot be known precisely because at the time of writing this note the emails continue to arrive. Far from the smoke of 70,000 that Javier Milei announced as a terror campaign, but enough to leave thousands of families without work, without their daily sustenance.

At the Ministry of Labor they are organizing the laid-off workers, after coming today from a common event between UPCN and ATE workers. This organization and unity from the bases must be the way to confront this government’s dismissals of business officials. In every mobilization, event or even in the offices, there is a debate and chant of “unity of the workers and those who don’t like it are screwed…” and the need for a national strike is demanded.

The more than 500 layoffs occur throughout the country and in the different agencies that the Secretary of Labor has in each province. At the La Plata headquarters, the workers began a peaceful stay due to reincorporation, the Marrón Clasista are present, as Leonardo Amendola, ATE delegate from the headquarters, reported on his networks.

They told you that the adjustment was going to be paid by the caste and the workers are suffering from it with an inflation that pushes more than half of the population into poverty, as is the case of the state workers who receive misery shares and today are being pushed to the streets by officials who respond to great magnates such as those of the Secretary of Labor, contributed by Paolo Rocca and the Techint Group.

Yes, the officials who today inform by email who is left without work before Easter respond to Paolo Rocca and his economic group Techint, who is ranked 3rd among the richest men in the country according to Forbes magazine, who have a fortune of USD 3.7 billion. One of those businessmen who get rich from all governments, from having been in charge of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline for Vaca Muerta, to being tried in Italy for corruption, to having taken over several companies for having participated in the 1976 coup d’état and for providing concentration camps for the last dictatorship. Today the Techint group is made up of steel giants Ternium and Tenaris; in energy by Tecpetrol and Tenova; under construction by Techint Engineering & Construction; and Humanitas in health services.

His contribution in this government is to guarantee its million-dollar profits, in the Secretary of Labor to impose labor flexibility on the entire labor movement. A nefarious businessman who hides in anonymity while Javier Milei and his officials do the dirty work. We must unmask this true caste and support the workers’ fight for their jobs on the path to a national strike that stops the chainsaw plan of the cuddly kitten of economic power.


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