The recent rise of far-right parties in European elections reflects strong opposition to the War in Ukraine, a concern highlighted by Hungarian leader Viktor Orban.

Asia Times columnist David Goldman analyzed this trend in a post on Platform X, noting that in Germany, the AfD emerged as a big winner by identifying Ukraine as a more pressing issue for voters than immigration, according to its internal polls. .

Election results in France, Italy and Spain show that the war and the possibility of a greater conflict with Russia were decisive.

Voters’ rejection of Macron and Scholz reflects a criticism of their war management. Goldman also notes the decline of the green wave, which began a decade ago, emphasizing the impact of the reality of oil prices on this change.

On the other hand, the Nordic countries presented different electoral results, with notable advances for green and radical left parties, indicating a different political dynamic in these countries.

Goldman ends by discussing the persistent importance of immigration, especially in France, and how the war in Ukraine may have intensified the debate about the need for change in current European policies.


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