Ripple, the American blockchain company responsible for XRP, recently received two prestigious awards from Fintech Breakthrough. Ripple won prizes in the categories “Best International Payments Platform” and “Best Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure Platform”.

The award for “Best International Payments Platform” recognizes Ripple’s extraordinary achievements in using XRP to efficiently facilitate cross-border payments. In addition, Ripple was also honored with the award for “Best DeFi Infrastructure Platform,” underscoring the company’s strong position in the DeFi sector.

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Ripple is fully committed to innovation

Since its founding in 2012, the American technology company Ripple has continuously committed to innovation in the payments sector. With the introduction of XRP, the company has been committed to facilitating efficient international transactions for years.

For many countries, companies and individuals, the costs of transferring money abroad are high, and it can sometimes take days for the money to reach the recipient.

Collaboration with banking sector

XRP allows users to conduct international transactions surprisingly efficiently, with payments typically completed within seconds.

Furthermore, transaction fees are extremely low, often just a fraction of a cent per transaction. This combination of low costs and fast processing times has attracted the attention of both banks and governments worldwide.

Ripple has now established successful partnerships with leading financial institutions, including Santander, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and many others, underscoring the impact and growing confidence in their technology.

Ripple wins prizes more often

It is not the first time that Ripple has won prizes. Last year the company received the PAY360 Award, a prestigious payment award from the United Kingdom. This award was given to Ripple due to the excellent performance of XRP in the financial sector.

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