Massa’s triumph, the Together for Change debacle, Milei’s stagnation and the plans of the country’s owners. Editorial of “El Círculo Rojo”, a program on La Izquierda Diario that airs on Thursdays from 10 p.m. to midnight on Radio Con Vos, 89.9.

  • With everything that has happened during these hours, it seems that a century has passed since the result of last Sunday’s general elections. The consolidation of Sergio Massa as a winner, the confusion and crisis of Javier Milei and La Libertad Avanza, and directly the outbreak of Together for Change focused attention these days.
  • There are multiple angles from which the situation after the electoral result can be approached. Everything is very open and running after the latest statement from libertarian leaders or Together for Change (who are the protagonists of the hour due to the crisis that they are going through) can lead us to lose sight of the great trends that are taking place, to put it in some way, below and above.
  • Let’s try to interpret what happened below. As I wrote in an article that was published in The Dipló the same Monday (and which we also published in The Daily Left): “If in the primaries, Javier Milei was the diffuse tool that a part of Argentine society used to punish the traditional political leadership (which it considered responsible for its hardships), in the general elections, Sergio Massa was the defensive instrument in the face of the aberrant phenomenon that the leader of La Libertad Avanza and the clique that accompanies him had become.”
  • Milei was a victim of a “syndrome” that affects practically all political coalitions and is considering that an electoral victory is synonymous with adherence to all their ideological postulates. Intoxicated by the victory in the PASO, they went overboard (both he and his representatives) and began to deploy a program of savage adjustment, privatization of everything, application of commercial logic to everything, copying the speech of the genocidaires of the last military dictatorship, etc. . etc In this way, they served Massa and Peronism with the “campaign of fear.” Only a crazy person from the extreme right, with some delirious proposals, in combination with the Together for Change debacle, could achieve the “feat” that the official candidate, who is also responsible for an economy with very high inflation, manages to come out first. in the election, recovering more than three million votes between the PASO and the general elections.
  • On the other hand, in relation to everything that had been said or written after the PASO, some theses were refuted: the one that stated that Argentine society was mostly heading towards a unilateral and mechanical turn to the right or the one that said that an unstoppable advance of “fascism” was underway. Not because Milei or her vice candidate, Victoria Villarruel, do not have fascist traits, but because the support they achieved had nothing to do (on average) with those proposals and not to mention that there was another large sector of society that directly rejects those ideas. .
  • In summary: in a labyrinthine, mediated way, the relationship of forces was manifested in the general elections and the operation of the “lesser evil” triumphed (it must be recognized): to oppose Milei, Massa was supported, who was among those who contributed to the emergence of Milei (for being co-responsible for the government’s failure and responsible for the economic crisis, and because he helped him in several ways). An operation that operated on the basis of economic terror and political extortion. We must understand this contradictory aspect of Sunday’s popular pronouncement to know where we stand.
  • In his speech on election night, Milei acknowledged this reality when he took an unprecedented “gradualist” turn and stated: “We did not come to take away rights, but to liquidate privileges.” And by accepting the pact with Bullrich that set conditions in his press conference, he also recognized the limits. The same Milei on Monday recognizes that the “Milei phenomenon” that was talked about for months did not have the magnitude that many attributed to it.
  • Now, let’s look a little at what happened above before and after the elections. That is, what were the bets of the owners of the country. He establishment The idea was that Milei, more than a party, would be an agenda that would help turn the public debate to the right and that everything would be capitalized by Together for Change, which was its favorite coalition. The objective of making the agenda right was more than met. What happens is that politics (and that is, perhaps, the most interesting thing) sometimes achieves a relative autonomy, which is where “unforced errors” come from. Not only politics, but also stupidity sometimes achieves relative autonomy, in this case it was the stupidity of Mauricio Macri who destroyed one by one the leaders of his coalition for not accepting the decline of his leadership (first María Eugenia Vidal , then to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and finally to Patricia Bullrich). He detonated Together for Change and that enabled Milei to phagocytize part of his voters.
  • The owners of the country began to see that a Milei government could be very unstable and very risky, that is why in the second stage towards the general elections, they sent the same communicators who had given him air to throw everything at him (I mean to the most concentrated journalistic companies). Massa benefited from all of this. Massa emerged as an arbiter of—more than ever—a relationship of multiple weaknesses: the weaknesses of the different factions of Peronism (and of CFK in particular); from Together for Change and Milei. Ojo Massa is also weak: he obtained one of the lowest percentages of Peronism in history: 37% while Daniel Scioli in 2015 obtained 38%.
  • Now, faced with the fait accompli, the owners of the country have two plans: moderate Milei, control and prop it up at the same time, and that is the function for which Bullrich offered itself, or design and condition Massa’s strategy and program. That is why, for example, the Mediterránea Foundation, for example, made available the program that Carlos Melconián put together; The banking associations had already supported him before the elections when they criticized Milei and Horacio Rosatti, judge of the Supreme Court, repeated almost the same speech as Massa. It was so crude that Ricardo Lorenzetti even embarrassed him so he went out to cross him and say “hey, it’s okay, let’s maintain our manners.”
  • To clear up doubts, Massa formulated his call for a government of national unity with the repressor Gerardo Morales, with the Peronists of the PRO, with Larreta, etc. He postulated his purpose of “ending the crack” which translated is nothing more than ending Kirchnerism or condemning it to a testimonial position within Peronism. And he began to talk about the need for labor, tax reforms, etc. that, of course, in the midst of all the noise, they go unnoticed, but those are the real plans.
  • Ultimately, this broad consensus was what Larreta proposed and demanded by the US ambassador to Argentina in a meeting with all the candidates. The diplomat’s idea was that “political volume” was needed to apply the counter-reforms that, according to them, Argentina needs.
  • Conclusion: regardless of the intentions or even the objectives of the protagonists, in fact, finally the “cuckoo” Milei may end up being (surrounded by Macriism) the agent to make that adjustment, but his chances are greatly diminished and therefore Therefore, its function may be to act as a disciplining factor of the popular majorities for a new adjustment plan.
  • The owners of the country think in these terms, for them the debate “democracy” and “fascism” is a screen. From this space, we will continue to postulate that, even to defend or prevent democratic freedoms from being further degraded, we must prepare to confront the “national adjustment party” because one thing is closely linked to the other.
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