This Tuesday, the CGT finally joined the request for the release of the 16 people who are still detained within the framework of the case invented by Patricia Bullrich and prosecutor Stornelli with the aim of criminalizing social protest.

In a statement, the leadership of the center stated that it expressed its “concern about the events that occurred during and after last Wednesday’s rally in the National Congress and vindicates the right to protest that is recognized and protected by our National Constitution (right to freedom of expression and to petition before the authorities, art 14bis) and International Human Rights Treaties.”

In this framework, “the attempt to criminalize protest and the attempt to equate the exercise of this right to a Coup d’état are repudiated. This fallacy seeks to hide precisely an authoritarian exercise of public power by using it to repress and criminalize legitimate protesters whose rights are affected, in the face of a Law that is being dealt with in Congress tinged with complaints of manipulations, which violate the procedure established by the National Constitution. for the correct and transparent formation of laws.”

In addition, they ask the Judiciary to “investigate the acts of violence that were armed by infiltrated professional personnel, including with war material, which only the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Defense have available.”


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