The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared on Monday, 25, that Ukrainian forces were unsuccessful in their planned counterattack, during a televised speech.

Putin stated that the Russian Army maintained the initiative throughout the “special operations zone”, denying any significant progress on Ukraine’s part.

According to the Russian president, offensive attempts by the Ukrainian side were unsuccessful, highlighting the effectiveness of the defense and attack strategies implemented by Russian forces.

The narrative adopted by Putin reinforces the perception of Russian control over the situation in the conflict, calling into question Ukraine’s military response capacity.

In addition to the military aspect, Putin also commented on the recent “terrorist attack” that took place in Moscow, offering his condolences to the victims and families affected by the event.

The Russian leader emphasized the importance of a fair and impartial investigation into the attack, highlighting the need to avoid politicized interpretations of the incident.

Putin’s speech comes at a time of intense international observation over the development of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with broad implications for regional security and global geopolitical dynamics.

The Russian president’s statements are interpreted as a sign of Russia’s continued assertive stance in the conflict, while at the same time challenging the Ukrainian authorities to reconsider their counterattack strategies in light of the situation presented.

With information from Sputnik


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