We publish a text sent to us by the beloved Negro Montes, historic labor leader of the PTS and leader of the workers of the Río Santiago Shipyard for many years.

When the “Milei phenomenon” began to occupy the center of national politics, many young people who had begun to explore that wonderful world of revolutionary militancy expressed concern to me and even a certain fear about the situation that would open up.

I responded that I was still happy, because if Milei tried to carry out his program, there was the possibility that a pre-revolutionary situation would open up, with sudden changes and that would pose the challenge of our organization making a leap in party construction.

Watching the videos of our parliamentary interventions and our participation in the marches, I think I was not exaggerating, that the convictions for which I campaigned some years ago are reaffirmed. What a joy to see the firm decision of those young comrades of the youth, who together with workers and members of the assemblies, defend in the streets the right to demonstrate against this war that they are declaring on the working people, despite the impressive repressive operation.

I have never insulted my knee so much that it prevents me from being on the streets with you young comrades. I feel great pride in counting you as my comrades. Once I am done with my knee recovery: “I will hit the streets again” and we will march together. Raising the flags of the working class and those of the international revolution.

Revolutionary hugs.


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