This Monday afternoon, in front of the National Congress, social organizations and unemployed movements denounced the illegal raids that took place in the early hours of the same day. Organizations such as FOL, Polo Obrero, Barrios de Pie, UTEP, Coordinator for Social Change, CUBa, MTL, among others, were present at the conference. Also the national and city deputies of the Left Unity Front.

The organizations’ lawyers denounced that there were illegal raids, which were carried out at night (which is prohibited). They also reported that there were “threats, intimidating acts, raids without witnesses, taking things that should not have been taken.”

Charly Fernández, from the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL) He denounced that “many of the raids were in popular neighborhoods, in slums, where some of our colleagues had some income to survive, who were also kidnapped by the Police.” Furthermore, he reported that he was “treated with xenophobic and discriminatory phrases. The humble door they had in those places was broken.” He also pointed out that “social organizations have learned and we are all here together. If they touch one of us, they touch us all. And we are going to give our lives for everything we have built and for those kids.”

Eduardo Beliboni, of the Polo Obrero, pointed out that “the piquetero movement has been fighting against the Government since December 20. They have started a case based on these mobilizations. Almost all the raids were illegal. He also denounced that “the central premises were raided of the Polo Obrero and the first thing the Police did was turn off the cameras that record the security in the place.

At the conference they were accompanied by political, social and union leaders. They were present the national deputies of the Left Front Unity Christian Castillo and Romina del Plá.

References from combative sectors of unionism were also present, such as Raúl Godoy, leader of the PTS-FITU, ceramist worker and reference of the Movement of Classist Groups (MAC-PTS).


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