Within hours of discussing the Bases Law in the Senate, and in a framework of high uncertainty due to the parity of the vote and the protest marches that are called, the ruling party is advancing with the proposal to appoint Senator Lucila Crexell as permanent delegate in the international organization. Suspicions of a charge for a vote.

The Base Law does not stop adding scandals. Just one day before the vote in the Senate, it was learned that Javier Milei’s government is moving forward with the proposal to give a senator a position as Argentina’s representative at the United Nations.

This is Lucila Crexell, from the Comunidad Neuquén single-person block. The versions had begun to circulate days ago about the agreement with the legislator, within the framework of a vote that is presumed tight for the Government.

Appealing to the old methods of the caste, Javier Milei’s ruling party seeks to approve in any way a law in favor of the great economic power and that wants to dramatically advance the living conditions of the majority, with the delivery of natural resources, labor reform, elimination of the pension moratorium and privatizations, among other points that constitute a war plan against working people.

This Wednesday, from 9 a.m., let’s be thousands in the streets in front of the National Congress to prevent it.

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Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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