PP and what remains of Ciudadanos will not present themselves on a joint list either in the Catalan elections on May 12 or in the European elections on June 9. The decision, communicated early this Friday afternoon by both parties, has also caused the resignation of the only visible leader of Ciudadanos, MEP Adrián Vázquez, who is leaving the party.

“We want to regret the impossibility of having been able to reach an agreement satisfactory to all parties, despite the honest shared will to reach an understanding,” PP and Ciudadanos explained in a statement. “Although the political context and the drift of the parliamentary majority that supports the Government requires exceptional measures, the internal tensions as well as the external noise that these have produced have made it impossible to reach a common solution that could accommodate the will of both. parties,” they added.

In any case, both directions have appreciated “the good disposition of those who have been sitting at the table until the last minute to try to achieve a consensus and are determined to continue collaborating, from their respective political formations, on those shared issues such as “defends constitutional principles, the defense of the rule of law and European values.”

A few seconds after communicating this decision, the hitherto general secretary of Ciudadanos presented his resignation “after having failed to complete the objective” of going alongside the PP. “Given that I cannot offer my commitment to a cause in which I do not believe nor do I want to be an obstacle to my colleagues, I have decided to step aside and put my position as Secretary General at the disposal of the party, immediately, so that Let others take the reins from now on,” he stressed.

“I do it from the sadness of disappointment but also from the tranquility of someone who has tried until the end,” he concluded.

The possibility that the negotiations would not bear fruit in the end was already suspected this Thursday, hours after Vázquez starred in an informative breakfast organized by the New Economy Forum in Madrid. In it, Vázquez threw several darts at the leader of CS in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, who had been giving interviews to various media outlets for days to make it clear that the regional leadership rejected “the integration” of his party into the PP lists, renouncing its acronym. . The Catalan leader only agreed to go with Feijóo’s men in a coalition. From Madrid they then accused him of wanting to “boycott” an agreement from which Carrizosa knew in advance that he was going to be excluded.

“I have not talked about integration,” Vázquez replied in statements to journalists in that forum, without specifying what would be the formula that they were going to study in the National Committee that they finally held today. “We do not believe so much what appears in the media, there are only two sources, and I am one of them,” the head of the European Delegation of Citizens said, later commenting that it was “normal” that there were people who “in stressful situations make them nervous.” Vázquez called for a “broad front” to stand up to Sanchez and his nationalist allies in those two elections: “If there are people who do not understand that, they are people who have to stop looking at their navel and have to look outwards and “Whoever wants to receive that message should receive it,” he launched, clearly directed at Carrizosa.

The PP “recognizes” the leadership of Adrián Vázquez

“The PP regrets that the conversations with Ciudadanos have not been fruitful despite the honest will of both directions,” Feijóo’s party also points out in its statement sent to the media this Friday after hearing the news. “We recognize the work of the people involved to reach an agreement that has not finally been possible due to internal tensions within Ciudadanos,” he adds, coinciding with the text of those who were going to be his potential partners.

“Our desire was for this incorporation into our political project to materialize in view of the Catalan elections of May 12 and the European elections of June 9,” the statement continues. “At this momentous moment that Spain is experiencing, we considered it appropriate to propose that CS join the only real constitutionalist alternative to the misrule of a president who only offers concessions to the independence movement at the expense of the rule of law and whose Government is marred by a corrupt plot.” , concludes the PP.

The recognition of the efforts of the leadership headed by Adrián Vázquez makes it clear that the problem has been the refusal of the Catalan part of Ciudadanos.

Now it remains to be seen if Genoa makes an offer to Vázquez to be part of the candidacy as an ‘independent’. And also the steps and decisions taken by Ciudadanos alone in Catalonia.

Source: www.eldiario.es

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