This Wednesday, in the annex of the Chamber of Deputies, a new plenary meeting of the Budget and Finance, Constitutional Affairs and General Legislation commissions is held; in which the round of presentations by specialists and organizations invited to express their positions on the Omnibus Law that the government of Javier Miley intends to achieve. When the debate was opened, the first person to speak was the representative Myriam Bregman.

“Like every morning, first thing in the morning, we are going to highlight the inconsistencies that this discussion of the Omnibus Law“said the legislator of the PTS-Left Front Unit“because as the exhibitors progress we realize that It was obvious that there is a lack of commissions in which the issues should be discussed in depth. that significantly affect part of the population.”

The left-wing representative stressed that, “when different sectors and organizations of society continue to express themselves,” “We are seeing the discontent that exists” in those “affected by the measures taken in the Omnibus Law”. And he reported that “There is not enough space to discuss it”with “the very disorganization that produces go from one topic to another without being able to give it depth that each one of them has.”

“Meetings in the building across the street”

How do you explain in another article Jesica Calcagno, in recent days two sets have been seen. “On one side of Avenida Rivadavia, hundreds of organizations and personalities went to present to the Chamber of Deputies in the plenary session of commissions on the Omnibus Law. By a landslide, they expressed their rejection of the executive branch’s project. On the other side, in the palace and parallel to the exhibitions, the negotiations between officials sent by Javier Milei and representatives of the collaborationist blocs: he PRO, UCR y We make Federal Coalition”.

About, Bregman He stated in the plenary meeting that he reads “the newspapers very carefully every morning, because I am finding out what is happening and what is really being discussed. That is the way to find out what is being discussed while we are gathered here.”

“In today’s newspapers we see, again with concern, that there are meetings in the building across the streetwhere they meet with the friendly opposition and discuss a plan of what would reach a ruling,” denounced the deputy, lawyer and reference for socialist feminism.

And he added that, “on the other hand, we also see that (Nicolás) Possession y (Luis) Caputo yes they are going to meet with him International Monetary Fund and be accountable, that the Fund congratulates them for the adjustment plan that they plan to carry out and that That is not discussed here either.. Then we have a discussion with the true owners of the economic program, who are the Monetary Fund and international financial capital; and another discussion in front, in the corralito that the IMF allows them.”

In this situation, Bregman He wondered if at this point, in addition to “continuing to insist that they come Caputo, (Federico) Sturzenegger y Posse to be held accountable,” shouldn’t “opposition members who are meeting across the street” also be asked to “tell us what they are discussing. Because I read, with great concern, that for example They would shorten the time of delegated powers. I don’t know why. So that they do damage faster? That does not get around the illegality of the measures they are asking for. So someone has to explain to us what are they discussing in front. And how do they discuss in front of you and listen to what the speakers say here. “It’s a little weird, to say the least.”

Added to this, Bregman He asked “the opposition ‘friendly’ of the Government who voted for those measures they are putting in place. Did anyone vote for them? Did they say in the election campaign that they were going to destroy the Forest Lawthe Glacier Law? Did anyone vote for them to end the Micaela Law? “All that is what the media says that is being discussed in front of us.”


Bregman He added that “at the same time, Patricia Bullrich incites against the strike of the 24th. As he said yesterday my partner Nicolás del Cañoit seems that it bothers them a lot, because now it established a ‘0800-Lamb’ so that anyone who supposedly feels extorted can call.”

And she linked this initiative of the Minister of Security with the appearance at one of the meetings of the plenary commissions of “a group of businessmen, among many quotes ‘friends’, who came to say that everything the Government does is good.” For the left, it was undoubtedly a maneuver to “to provoke us treacherously”.

“I hope the seriousness of the calls to that 0800 is a little better than those who denounce terrorist attacksbecause otherwise Patricia Bullich again it’s going to be another mess. Because it is possible that ‘El Rubio’, just as he felt ‘threatened’ by a terrorist cell (made up of) a hairdresser and a ping-pong player, may now also feel threatened because they force him to stop, call and say who feels ‘extorted’. The ridicule has no end”, Bregman stated to the laughter of a large part of those present.

Finally, the representative of Socialist Workers Party He insisted again: “Posse y Caputojust as they meet with the FMICan you come here and explain what is the real plan? Will the opposition friendly to the Government at least tell us where they get that mandate from to believe that, once they are invited, they can change and modify the law without listening to what is being said here? We welcome the fact that so many speakers are being listened to, but we believe that you have to listen to take into account what is said here. And we don’t see that happening.”

About attempts to intimidation of workers With respect to strike on January 24concluded: “Who is going to tell Patricia Bullrich That it was not voted here that the strike is illegal? His longing, for many years, is that. But The strike is a right, we are going to exercise it, we are going to demonstrate and call on all sectors of society, not just workers, but on the 24th we will be on the streets. Because the only language that these governments understand is that of mobilization.”


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