Popular analyst Inmortal is bullish on Bitcoin and three altcoins. We all know two of those altcoins, namely Ethereum and Solana. Another name is less known. He is also bullish about the decentralized oracle network API3.

The idea is to connect traditional APIs with blockchain applications.

Bullish over API3

The name of API3 is of course based on the Web3 idea. Taking a traditional application and pouring a decentralized sauce over it.

So far, few applications of this have really broken through, but it remains interesting to look at these types of ideas. According to Inmortal, we have a project with a lot of potential with API3.

He thinks API3 is ready to “skyrocket” after a long period of consolidation.

He also notes that API3 recently organized a funding round, in which it received capital from DWF Labs, among others.

The chart even calls Inmortal “hyper bullish”. These are statements you don’t just hear an analyst make. You have to be careful, though, because analysts like Inmortal could well be taking money from projects to say things like this.

After all, we cannot look behind the scenes, so we never know for sure.

Strong End to 2024 for Bitcoin

Furthermore, Inmortal predicts a strong finish for Bitcoin in 2024. He also predicts a few strong months for Ethereum and Solana.

According to the analyst, the coming months will not be that exciting for the crypto market. He therefore expects a boring summer and a parabolic fourth quarter of 2024.

“Boring months of June/July, resumption of the uptrend in August and a parabolic trend during Q4. Bitcoin will go above $100,000, Ethereum above $10,000 and Solana above $500.

Altcoins are trading 2-5x upside. The graphs never lie,” says Inmortal.

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Source: https://newsbit.nl/populaire-analist-is-extreem-bullish-over-deze-3-altcoins/

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