The pontiff warmly greeted the Argentine president when the beatification ceremony of Mama Antula ended. A gesture that comes when the Government carries out a fierce adjustment against the working people that implies, among other things, leaving the most humble who attend soup kitchens without food.

This Sunday, in Rome, Pope Francis greeted Javier Milei with a big hug. It occurred after the beatification ceremony of María Antonia de San José de Paz y Figueroa, known as Mama Antula. She is the first Argentine woman in history to be canonized.

According to the newspaper Clarín, The hug made Milei extremely happy.. The president had said “it was very strong, a tremendous gesture. I can’t believe it, he broke protocol and came to greet me. It’s impossible not to be moved.”

The gesture distances itself from meetings with Argentine presidents. Is remembered the image of Francisco in his meeting with Macri, in 2016, when he was president of the nation. At that moment the pontiff’s grim face made world news.

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He cordial reception comes at a time when the Government is carrying out a savage adjustment against working people. A setting that includes, for example, leave soup kitchens without resourceswhere hundreds of thousands of humble families go to eat in a context of crisis and rampant inflation.

The hug comes at times when The Government toughens its repressive policy, as seen in the brutal action against the protesters who mobilized against the defeated Omnibus Law. At the same time, it is making progress in giving more firepower to the security forces, with the reinstallation of the so-called “Chocobar doctrine” in relation to the use of firearms.

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A few days ago, the Episcopal Conference had said that “hunger cannot be a variant of adjustment.” It is seen that the statement did not reach Rome. He “Argentine and Peronist” pope warmly greets those who are starving millions of people in Argentina.

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