French President Emmanuel Macron faced a recent electoral setback, and political commentator Alex Barnicoat presents an analysis of the possible reasons behind this outcome.

According to Barnicoat, one of the main factors that contributed to Macron’s electoral failure was the significant increase in the inflation rate in France during his term in office. This increase generated public discontent and contributed to a negative image of the president.

Furthermore, Barnicoat points to Macron’s stance on the crisis in Ukraine as another reason for the electorate’s dissatisfaction. The French president has been criticized for his aggressive approach, including sending NATO weapons and troops into the country, which has divided public opinion.

Another point of criticism raised by Barnicoat is Macron’s policy towards Israel and Palestine. Despite significant support from the French population for recognizing Palestine as a state, Macron refused to take this step, which alienated part of the electorate.

These issues, according to Barnicoat, contributed to the unfavorable outcome in the elections and highlight the challenges Macron faces in regaining the trust of the electorate.


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