The Anger and protests grow in the province of Misiones. This Sunday the tension continues in the surroundings of the Radioelectric Command, where a mutiny by part of the provincial Police is concentrated. In that place they also concentrate state health workers. Also teachers. These two sectors of the working class They complain about their salaries, which are really miserable in relation to the high cost of living and growing inflation.

Los salaries paid in the provinces are truly miserable. In Education, in positions such as preceptors or librarians, the monthly amount They do not reach $250,000. In the case of teaching, a teacher with two positions reaches an amount of only $630,000.

This, at the same time that the cost of living is rising rapidly. As the protesters themselves denounced, in the last month they received electricity bills for between $100,000 and $150,000.

At noon this Sunday, strong tension remains due to the negotiations between the mutinous Police and the provincial Government. In the missionary capital There is presence of Gendarmerie and Argentine Prefecture troops. Federal forces were sent to try to calm a completely critical situation.

It must be noted that this presence of federal forces not only seeks to contain the crisis that has begun in the security apparatus with the police mutiny. Also They are forces that have the objective of controlling and repressing workers’ protests.. This week the teaching leader Leandro Gómez said that “the day before yesterday a gendarme threatened to shoot with the shotgun. He said “what I don’t want is to take out my shotgun and shoot a teacher.” Luckily, the temperance of our companions and the militant attitude for so long meant that the threats did not escalate.”

The revolt of workers and teaching and state workers begins to show the spontaneous response of mass sectors to the consequences of the adjustment. An adjustment that begins in the national government and that the governors (like Passalacqua) transfer to the provinces, attacking salaries and income.

He governor PassalacquaIn addition, it comes from aligning – together with the entire provincial political regime – with the Bases Law promoted by the national Government. Misiones practically broke a record: its 7 deputies voted in favor of the reactionary milleista law. Even Pichetto’s deputy switched to La Libertad Avanza, showing that between the ruling party and the dialogue party there is sometimes only one step. This did not prevent the governor from supporting the Peronist Sergio Massa in the 2023 elections, defining him as the “most federal candidate.” On the contrary, she dedicated posts full of praise to him on his networks, telling him “Sergio dear, you are going to be the president of federalism and unity.”


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