April inflation: 8.4%. But for food it is even more and would reach 200% per year. Inflation hits much more in the most impoverished sectors.

In the neighborhoods and dining rooms, hunger is felt more and more, and it is outrageous to see food arrive in poor condition full of weevils. It is a tremendous contempt for humble families. The government of the Frente de Todos (Alberto, Cristina, Massa, Tolosa Paz) allows businessmen to continue making fortunes with the crisis and, on top of that, adjusts social assistance. They maintain social programs in amounts of misery, cut the amount, do not provide tools for social organizations. While full of subsidies to big employers. Soybean dollar, Qatar dollar, zero taxes on automobiles.

In a country with 18 million poor people, most of them boys and girls, this adjustment to the poorest is criminal.

But the government does what the IMF and big business ask it to do, the macrista right asks for more adjustment and Milei directly wants to liquidate health and public education, wages and labor rights.

For this reason, the cry of social organizations is heard: “Hunger can’t take it anymore.” All social organizations (government and opposition) converge in a common march. It will be a day of national struggle.

Over there there will be those who are part of the UTEP (CCC, Movimiento Evita, MTE), but also the Piquetera Unit that has been mobilizing these years and this week he is holding his federal march.

That unity in action against hunger and adjustment it is an important step, since they add to a fight against the adjustment the organizations that by their support to the Government have not come facing the plans of the IMF. It has to be a massive march.

The Autonomous CTA, which will be the convener, has to call assemblies in each workplace and call a national strike that day. The CGT and the official CTA have not said a word about the claim. As if the workers and busy workers did not suffer the adjustment. As if our salary weren’t in the bag, as if we didn’t work more and more to make ends meet, as if precarious work didn’t exist. But they are complicit in the attacks of business and governments.

That’s why from the Movement of Class Groups and the PTS-Left Front we are going to join the day throughout the country. We are going to support each of the claims of our unemployed comrades: plans, food, against cuts and everything they demand.

And we will continue to insist on the importance of unite the struggle of unemployed and employed. We cannot naturalize first class workers and second class workers.

We call for the active participation of the militant trade unionism and the sectors in struggle of this Thursday’s day and the upcoming actions. Because the compañeros of the subway against asbestos contamination and the reduction of the weekly working day. Also before the layoffs in the Tire in Mondelez they cut the Panamericana, they attack the Sarmiento railwayin Health fight the Garrahan franks and professionals in Tucumán. And the struggles have been felt teachers in several provinces with strong measures in Salta and Buenos Aires, where the Multicolor opposition has just voted for a new provincial strike of 48 hours for the 17th and 18th and join the piquetero day. A great example to follow.

Within the unitary march, we can make a combative and independent pole to file the complaint against the IMF and those who govern us, the fight to reduce the working day as the Subte proposes today and generate work with rights, the rejection of the payment of the debt and the demand for a general strike and a plan to fight the CGT and the CTA.

That unity has to be a first step to set up a Great National Meeting of Employed and Unemployed. Because if the traditional parties, businessmen and bureaucracies want to continue with the adjustment and misery pact, they must be faced with the unity and strength of those of us who are the majority of the country and make it work. We cannot naturalize the division of our class into employed and unemployed, between effective and hired. There are no first class workers and second class workers. We have to coordinate and fight together.

Lastly: this day will be an opportunity to strengthen unity from below, with common assemblies by neighborhood or zone where compañeros and compañeras from different social organizations and also those who are not part of them but want to join the fight actively participate.

This Thursday let’s be part of the marches across the country. The working class must be put on its feet to reorganize the country from below.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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