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This Monday, after 8 o’clock, the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni gave his first press conference since Pink House. Less than a day after the inauguration of Javier Miley At the head of the Government, the official anticipated “every day”, around 9 in the morning, he will speak with the media, commenting and announcing what the Government wants to communicate.

Curiously Adorni He began by saying that for him “respect for journalism, respect for each of you and respect for free opinion” are non-negotiable. Curious, because the first act of Government of mercy This Sunday, the swearing in of the members of his Cabinet was based on a total restriction on freedom of information of the population, turning a public event into the seat of Government a privatized and “intimate” event of the caste who assumed the Executive Branch since yesterday.

“They are going to meet an open spokespersoncon dialogue and that he will be sharing every day with you and with the Argentines what is happening in Argentina, what the President wants to communicate, the announcements that need to be made and every issue that occurs in our beloved Argentine Republic,” he said. Adorni with an excess of verbiage that does not explain much.

In line with his political boss, the spokesperson said that “it is clear that they are coming times of change” and “complex” in a “disorganized Argentina, where perhaps decadence has overcome us for a time and what was once that vibrant Argentina has been lost.”

Adorni He said that, for the management of Freedom Advances“the principle of the solution to Argentina’s problems has an economic focus and, clearly, the battle is going to be fought in terms of economic growth but solving very structural problems that the State has in terms of fiscal policy. ‘There is no money’ is not a cliché”. And he added, forcing a comparison between the State and the accounts of any individual, that “there is no money and fiscal balance will be strictly respected and the logic that we all have in our personal economy, which is ‘we cannot spend more than we have.'”

Another element that marks the little impact on freedom of the press is that, in advance, Adorni He only allowed “five questions” from journalists. Which anyway, given the lack of announcements and the marked improvisation of official communication, even seemed like a lot.

Regarding the first economic measures, the spokesperson stated: “We are all very concerned about Argentina, we understand anxiety and despair of many to know what is coming. Tomorrow the announcements will be made, in economic matters, by Minister Luis Caputo. “I can’t give you the schedule because it hasn’t been defined yet.”

Regarding price increases, which in recent days have been seen in various items and are even more anticipated for the next period, Adorni he insisted with the speech of mercy about “disordered Argentina” and with “a monetary issue problem” that “It will continue to impact prices for a long time to come”. In that sense, he stated that “monetary policy has lags that take time to correct.”

Asked about possible reductions or elimination of taxes, the official said nothing. Only that “Argentina lives in a state of emergency” and that “The economic definitions will be in charge of Minister Caputo”who will decide whether or not the tax reform will be included “in this first package of measures.”

Adorni He tried to fit in an answer to get by when he was asked about which public companies would be privatized and what awaits the workers of the national public administration. “We are experiencing 200% annual inflation and real salaries that are often sad when compared to what is happening in the world,” said the spokesperson. And he added that “Public employees must be valued”because “the vast majority of people who work in the State are valid, necessary and have often been left aside.”

In a very abstract definition, he said that he is going “to combat what is called the ‘militant employment’, which is for a political issue, which does not contribute anything but rather takes away.” Seeking a reassuring message, he insisted that “no public employee who works, who is valid and who adds value should be worried about his or her job”.

Finally, the presidential spokesperson said that “Milei came to change Argentina” and that “This logic of rewarding those who do not work with the same prizes that are given to those who do work will end”. And by asking the markets for some “message” in the hours prior to the opening of the week, Adorni He said: “We are going to try to end the futurology, we are going to talk about true facts, tomorrow we will analyze how the market reacted today.”

Once the press conference is over, Adorni Several journalists approached him and got one last sentence from him. It was about the decision to take the oath of minister in the White Room of the Pink House without live broadcast and without journalists in the venue. “It was a purely administrative act, the ministers had prior and subsequent work, as did the President,” he responded. AdorniDemonstrating that Respect for the work of the press and freedom of information for the population as a whole are not on the agenda of the new government.


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