Pere Aragonès leaves. The president of the Generalitat until the new investiture and still leader of ERC has announced to his party his intention not to take the deputy’s title and abandon all political responsibilities. “I am leaving the front line of politics,” said Aragonès, who also indicated that Esquerra has accepted Sunday’s results, so he will join the opposition.

However, the Republican has not clarified what the role of ERC will be in the agreements that must be drawn up from now on to achieve an investiture. “ERC will be an element of unlocking,” said Aragonès, who however also warned: “We will not be there to facilitate an investiture of the PSC and we will not participate in operations that require the agreement between PSC and Junts.”

In this way, Aragonès has refused to allow his party to have the final say on the investiture and has left Illa’s future in the hands of Junts. “The opposition to the left-wing and republican Government has won”; he has pointed out. However, he has left the door open for ERC not to block Illa’s investiture, something that could mean an abstention.

“Responsibility and honesty have been the two values ​​that have guided my time in politics,” said Aragonès. “I begin a new stage with the same commitment, but from another place,” he explained. What he will dedicate himself to in the coming weeks, he said, is to help in the transition and the replacement of both the Government and the management of ERC, which is why he has left the succession race open, despite the fact that the intentions are not known. by Oriol Junqueras.

ERC has reunited its permanent party this Monday, after obtaining a result in the elections that sources from the party itself describe as a “batacaca”. The Republicans, who have lost 13 seats, announced this Sunday that they would go over to the opposition and, therefore, that they would renounce being part of the next Government, without yet advancing any decision on possible pacts.

Regarding what the party will do in the new scenario opened on Sunday, Aragonès has assured that it will have to make “collective decisions” to “strengthen the project.” However, the president has assured that “it is up to PSC and Junts to decide what they want to do” and “understand each other to unblock this situation.”


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